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Russia Stocks Performance of 2019

Updated Apr 18, 2019
Russia, one of the largest countries in the world and a leader in the oil and gas industry, has always been on the eyes of the global investors. Despite the challenges and close economy, the country and its financial markets have a lot to offer, and several global businesses and investors have actively invested in the country. Russian companies too have expanded globally, and many have successfully listed their stocks on leading stock exchanges across the globe giving an easy and convenient way for a common investor to take a shot on Russian companies and benefit from the appreciation in stock price, if any.
Russia has also been a key member of the BRIC nations, which were perceived in the past as a group of four leading and populous economies of the globe which were capable of driving the new-age global economy. Though things didn't turn out to be relatively that positive for Russia, some investors may find Russian stocks at cheap to purchase for long term investment, and reap the benefits once the situation improves. However, one must remain aware of the risk of foreign currency fluctuations which indirectly impacts the returns that are generated from the investments in foreign stocks. Additionally, local and geo-political issues can also make or break the investment ventures in foreign companies which the investors should realistically consider.

As of writing, FKnol has the following Russia stocks in its database. This article presents the performance of the Russia stocks in a tabular form making it easy for individuals to sort the list on the desired parameters of preference. Details are based on the market data for the year 2019 till date. This article presents a list of all Russia stocks, which can be sorted and assessed for the past performance of the Russia stocks based on market capitalization values, stock price, price changes, percentage price changes and 52-week high-low price ranges. Percentage change is calculated based on the price changes observed from the end of the previous year to the date of Apr 18, 2019. See the List of Top 10 Russia Stocks of 2019. Alternatively, one can also explore the List of Top Russia ETFs.

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Performance of Russia Stocks

Top 10 Russia Stocks All Russia Stocks All Russia ETFs Top Dividend-paying Russia Stocks
No.Company (Ticker)
Market Cap
%YTD Gains
Company DescriptionStock Price
52-wk Low52-wk High
Sorted by Market Cap. Click on the arrow buttons to sort the table as per the desired column
1.Gazprom Neft (GZPFY)$24.96 billion8.39%Gazprom Neft' PAO is a vertically integrated oil company operating in the Russian Federation, Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and internationally. The Company's principal activities include exploration, production and development of crude oil and gas, production of refined petroleum products and distribution and marketing operations through its retail outlets. The Company manages its operations in two segments: Upstream and Downstream. ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$27$23$30.18
2.Yandex (YNDX)$12.13 billion36.53%Yandex N.V., incorporated in June 2004, is an Internet and technology company, and operates Internet search engine. The Companys segments include Search and Portal, E-commerce, Taxi, Classifieds and Experimental businesses. ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$37.34$24.9$39.7
3.Mobile TeleSystems OJSC (MBT)$7.19 billion15.57%Mobile TeleSystems Public Joint Stock Company, formerly Mobile TeleSystems Open Joint Stock Company, incorporated on August 22, 2002, is a provider of telecommunications services. The Company provides mobile and fixed ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$8.09$6.64$10.74
4.QIWI (QIWI)$886.14 million-0.07%QIWI plc, incorporated on February 26, 2007, is a provider of payment services in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The Companys network enables payment services across physical, ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$14.13$11.61$19.29
5.Mechel PAO (MTL)$430.84 million4.55%Mechel PAO, together with its subsidiaries, engages in mining, steel, and power businesses in Russia, Asia, Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Middle East, the United States, and internationall...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$2.07$1.95$3.99
Top 10 Russia Stocks All Russia Stocks All Russia ETFs Top Dividend-paying Russia Stocks
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