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Agricultural Chemicals Sector Stock List

Updated Dec 31, 2020
The Agricultural Chemicals subsector (industrial classification) falls under the broader Basic Industries sector. The following list presents stocks of the companies which belong to the Agricultural Chemicals class. has a total of 11 stocks in its records for the companies belonging to Agricultural Chemicals category.

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Stocks of Agricultural Chemicals Sector

Stock List

▶ American Vanguard (AVD): The NYSE-listed California, CA-based American Vanguard Corporation (AVD), incorporated on January 2, 1969, operates as a holding company. The Company conducts its business through its subsidiaries, AMVAC Chemical Corporation (AMVAC), GemChem, Inc. (GemChem), 2110 ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ Arcadia Biosciences (RKDA): The NASDAQ-listed California, CA-based Arcadia Biosciences, Inc., incorporated on February 17, 2015, is an agricultural biotechnology trait company. The Company develops a portfolio of yield and traits addressing multiple crops that supply the global ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ CF Industries (CF): The NYSE-listed Deerfield, Illinois-based CF Industries Holdings, Inc., incorporated on April 15, 2005, is a manufacturer and distributor of nitrogen fertilizer, and other nitrogen products. The Companys nitrogen fertilizer products are ammonia, granular urea, ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ China Green Agriculture (CGA): The NYSE-listed China-based China Green Agriculture, Inc., incorporated on August 29, 2007, is engaged in the research, development, production and sale of various types of fertilizers and agricultural products in the Peoples Republic ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ CVR Partners LP (UAN): The NYSE-listed Texas, TX-based CVR Partners, LP produces, distributes, and markets nitrogen fertilizer products in the United States. It offers ammonia products for agricultural and industrial customers; and urea ammonium nitrate p....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ Evogene (EVGN): The NASDAQ-listed Israel-based Evogene Ltd. (Evogene) is a biotechnology company for the improvement of crop productivity. The Company is engaged in developing seed traits for improved yield and abiotic stress tolerance, seed traits ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ Israel Chemicals Shs (ICL): The NYSE-listed Tel Aviv, -based Israel Chemicals Ltd. operates as a specialty minerals company worldwide. The company operates through two segments, Essential Minerals and Specialty Solutions. The company extracts potash from the Dead Sea; mi....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ Marrone Bio Innovations (MBII): The NASDAQ-listed California, CA-based Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc., incorporated on June 15, 2006, offers bio-based pest management and plant health products. The Companys bio-based products include naturally occurring microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ Mosaic (MOS): The NYSE-listed Plymouth, Minnesota-based The Mosaic Company, incorporated on March 25, 2004, is a producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients. The Company operates through three segments: Phosphates, Potash and International ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ Scotts Miracle-Gro (SMG): The NYSE-listed Ohio, OH-based The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (Scotts Miracle-Gro), incorporated on November 22, 2004, is a manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer lawn and garden products. The Companys segments include Global Consumer. In ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ SenesTech (SNES): The NASDAQ-listed Arizona, AZ-based SenesTech, Inc. is a platform biotechnology company. The Company is engaged in developing a technology for managing animal pest populations through fertility control. The Companys approach is designed to manage ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

Dividend Stocks of Agricultural Chemicals Sector

Among all the stocks of the Agricultural Chemicals sector which are included in the above mentioned all-inclusive stock list, a few are known to be regular dividend paying stocks. The list of such frequent dividend paying stocks of the Agricultural Chemicals can be explored as follows. It is based on the recent records of dividends announced/paid by the company since the date/month mentioned for each stock. Owing to the limited number of dividend records maintained by, it is possible that a particular company may have paid more or less dividends.

Frequent Dividend Payers of Agricultural Chemicals Sector

▶ CF Industries (CF) has paid 14 dividends since May 2017. See Dividend History  Company Profile

▶ Mosaic (MOS) has paid 14 dividends since May 2017. See Dividend History  Company Profile

▶ Scotts Miracle-Gro (SMG) has paid 14 dividends since May 2017. See Dividend History  Company Profile

▶ American Vanguard (AVD) has paid 11 dividends since June 2017. See Dividend History  Company Profile

▶ CVR Partners LP (UAN) has paid 4 dividends since May 2017. See Dividend History  Company Profile

▶ Israel Chemicals Shs (ICL) has paid 4 dividends since June 2017. See Dividend History  Company Profile

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