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FKnol Subscription: Payments Page

By paying, signing-up & subscribing, the user agrees to Disclaimer & Terms of Use, and that being a digital subscription, all payments made are non-refundable.

Step 1: Pick Your Payment Currency

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Step 2: Pick Your Subscription Plan

$9.99 per Month

180-Days Subscription
(~50% Discount) 👍

Total Cost: $59.99
Daily Cost: Only 33 Cents per Day

$13.99 per Month

90-Days Subscription
(~30% Discount) 👍

Total Cost: $41.99
Daily Cost: Only 47 Cents per Day

$19.99 per Month

30-Days Subscription
(No Discount)

Total Cost: $19.99
Daily Cost: Only 67 Cents per Day

$9.99 per Week

7-Days Subscription
(No Discount)

Total Cost: $9.99
Daily Cost: Only $1.43 per Day

Benefits of Registration:

No Registration:

 ◐ Access FULL List of all the Stocks
 ◐ LIMITED Access ONLY 1st Page of Stocks List
 ◐ More Stocks displayed per page (minimum 100 per page)
 ◐ Only 15, 20 or 25 stocks displayed
 ◐ No Advertisements, Only Stock Lists
 ◐ In-article Advertisements
 ◐ No Lengthy Introduction, Directly access the Stock List
 ◐ Scroll through introductions, before reaching actual Stock List
 ◐ Easy Sort feature based on available data points (Market-Cap, Stock Price, PE, EPS, etc.)
 ◐ Sorting not available
 ◐ Discounted Price on Select Data Download, compared to non-registered Data Download
 ◐ Higher cost for Data Download

Why FKnol is going paid? FKnol has been completely free since last 7+ years. However, operating costs have risen, and the miniscule ad income has gone down.

We expect to go back FREE in future, once the situation stabilizes.
Till then, during this interim period, we hope to receive support from our users to allow us keep afloat. Read more here.

*Discount percentage is rounded figure compared to 30-days subscription plan.