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FKnol Subscription: Payments Page

By paying, signing-up & subscribing, the user agrees to Disclaimer & Terms of Use, and that being a digital subscription, all payments made are non-refundable.

Step 1: Pick Your Payment Currency

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Step 2: Pick Your Subscription Plan

Cheapest, Long-term

$9.99 per Month

180-Days Subscription
(~50% Discount) 👍

Total Cost: $59.99
Daily Cost: Only 33 Cents per Day
Best for Short-term

$19.99 per Month

30-Days Subscription
(No Discount)

Total Cost: $19.99
Daily Cost: Only 67 Cents per Day
Best for Weekly Use

$9.99 per Week

7-Days Subscription
(No Discount)

Total Cost: $9.99
Daily Cost: Only $1.43 per Day
Best for Quick Trial

$5.99 per Day

1-Day Subscription
Costliest, & Perfect for Trial

Total Cost: $5.99
Daily Cost: $5.99 per Day

Benefits of Registration:

No Registration:

 ◐ Access FULL List of all the Stocks
 ◐ LIMITED Access ONLY 1st Page of Stocks List
 ◐ More Stocks displayed per page (minimum 100 per page)
 ◐ Only 15, 20 or 25 stocks displayed
 ◐ No Advertisements, Only Stock Lists
 ◐ In-article Advertisements
 ◐ No Lengthy Introduction, Directly access the Stock List
 ◐ Scroll through introductions, before reaching actual Stock List
 ◐ Easy Sort feature based on available data points (Market-Cap, Stock Price, PE, EPS, etc.)
 ◐ Sorting not available
 ◐ Discounted Price on Select Data Download, compared to non-registered Data Download
 ◐ Higher cost for Data Download
 You spend High $$$ on trading & investing costs. It is worth spending a few cents (¢) on key info & data.

Why FKnol is going paid? FKnol has been completely free since last 7+ years. However, operating costs have risen, and the miniscule ad income has gone down further.
We hope to receive support from our users to allow us keep afloat. Read more here.

*Discount percentage is rounded figure compared to 30-days subscription plan.