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Disclaimer and Terms of Use for FKnol.com

Thank you for your interest in the leading financial information portal FKnol.com, whose aim is to provide detailed, accurate and precise information related to major capital markets across the globe. FKnol continues to be in the expansion mode, whereby new markets, regions, and asset classes are continously being added to the portal for use by its visitors. Additionally, FKnol also has, and continues to add, features and functions which may be of use to a variety of market participants. The portal gets visitors from across the globe.


The disclaimer of FKnol.com is simple and straightforward - Information provided on this portal can be completely incorrect, and anyone using, visiting, reading or accessing the content on FKnol.com agrees that they themselves are responsible for their own decisions. FKnol.com, and its owners and founders, are not, and cannot be held, responsible for any errors or omissions, regardless of the cause, for the results obtained from the use of the FKnol.com's content by any individual, business, organization, system or any other entity.

The data provided on this site may be fully or partially incorrect. Categories, business segments, industries and sectors of a particular stock or company may vary widely depending upon how the FKnol records are updated depending upon our own criteria, and may be completely incorrect. In cases of index data (and their constituents), the constituent stocks and their associated data points may be sourced from publicly available information about the holdings of ETFs or funds tracking those indices, and may be incorrect. No guarantee or claims are applicable, and none are provided.

On an experimental basis, this site may allow/offer downloading of available data content in CSV, Excel or other suitable file formats for the convenience of the site visitors. Some of these may be experimented with a payment, as this site needs to pay the bills for its operations, applications, various content format(s),the functionality, app, data hosting, content hosting and payment processing charges. If charges are applied, they are not for the data, but for the file download functionality, and no guarantee is applicable for the data content downloaded through the file on paid or free basis. If you decide to download a data file from this site on paid or free basis, you agree to the above mentioned terms and disclaimer regarding data content, its accuracy, the possibility of incorrect data, and the file functionality and features being erroneous.

In case the file download function runs into trouble, the user is required to contact the concerned email-id mentioned on the download page (or on the Paid Services Support Page describing the error encountered, and any error message that may appear. As various different technical components are involved in the file download feature (including payment processing, if applicable), the error needs to checked at various stages to fix it. Users are required to allow at least one business day to revert.

File downloads are provided only as email attachments, and users are required to have and provide a valid and accessible email-id where they can receive the email with necessary file attachement. Before making any payment for downloading data in files from this site, the user must agree that file and downloads once received by the user are there with them forever, and hence refund is not possible in any case. In case of any errors in receiving the download file on paid basis, the file may be provided as email attachment to the user's mail-id which was used for the payment.

FKnol uses its own methodology for any technical analysis patterns or other quantitative calculations provided through this site. For instance, the definition, formation and identification of candlestick chart patterns may vary widely across the globe. FKnol.com provides the candlestick patterns using its own defined methodology, process and automated method, and it may be completely different, incorrect or erroneous compared to other standard, non-standard candlestick pattern methods as followed by various markets and market participants.

This website is NOT an advisory service. It is simply an attempt to providing information and content. No guarantee can be provided for the correctness, completeness, or accuracy of this information. The information provided on the portal can be completely wrong, incorrect and obsolete. Any decision to trade/invest in any of the mentioned security should not be made in reliance on any of the content or statements set forth anywhere on this website or any of its documents.

Nothing in this website constitutes an offer or solicitation of financial product advice and is not intended to constitute provision of investment, legal, tax, or other professional or financial advice. Such content therefore should not be relied upon for the making of any personal financial and investment decisions.

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