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About Us: FKnol.com

What's in the name FKnol?
While "FKnol" may appear to be a randomly selected name for a website, it is formed by a combination of two terms - "F" and "Knol".

The "F" stands for "Finance," which is the core theme of this website, and "Knol" is a new-age, tech-savvy term which emerged post 2000, and represents a unit of "Knowledge."
Thereby, FKnol stands for "Financial Knowledge."

What does FKnol.com aim to do?
True to its name, the aim of FKnol.com is to provide meaningful information related to major capital markets across the globe. The FKnol team believes that financial information should be easily and freely available to everyone (either partly or fully), as money, trading and investments related decisions make an important part of everyone's life.

FKnol's vision is to provide easy and free financial information to all interested audience (including on a "freemium" model), with no or minimal accessibility barriers.
Keeping in sync with the vision and freemium model working, FKnol.com does not require its users to register or sign-up, does not require its users to share email/phone/other personal details, does not require its users to pay for accessing major part of this site, and does not offer any "exclusive and/or paid" money-making tips or similar services.
FKnol.com has been completely free for the last 7+ years since 2016. However, as we need to pay our bills to keep this site up and running, a few parts of this site may be available only on premium/paid basis. Read more about it here.

What does FKnol cover?
FKnol currently covers list of stocks, funds, and relevant information related to developments, actions and events for major capital markets across the globe.
FKnol continues to be in the expansion mode, whereby new markets, regions, and asset classes are continously being added to the portal for use by its visitors. FKnol also continues to add tutorials on financial terms and courses for easy understanding by its audience.
Additionally, FKnol also has, and continues to add, features and functions which may be of use to a variety of market participants. The portal gets visitors from across the globe.

How FKnol makes money?
At present, we are not into active money earning, but we may like to experiment with online advertisements on trial basis sporadically.
We promise that any experimental ads will be always non-intrusive, and of course non-irritating. Please bear with us during such experiments. :-)

We plan to offer a few features in near future for convenience of the users - like, the data download functionality in spreadsheet. Since we need to pay for such technology implementations, we may charge for the functionality.

As long as one is accessing the content published on the website through a browser, there are no charges for accessing most of the sections of this website. Some parts may require a paid access, which mandates a secure login and accordingly it will be implemented.
For now, our focus is to get a steady and robust user-base, and make a reliable, trustworthy, fast and easy to access finance webportal.

Is FKnol open to business and partnerships?
Yes. We'd love to hear from you if you believe we can partner, or get into sensible business transactions with respect to FKnol.com and/or its content.
Feel free to reach out to us.

For business enquiries which may relate to placing your Advertisements on FKnol.com portal, Content Syndication, Partnership, Portal Buy or Sell enquiries, or request for inclusion of "official information" in FKnol.com articles, please fill this Google Form to contact us!
  Please note: Only those Business Enquiries which are submitted with official/business email-ids will be responded to. Business enquiries submitted using free/personal contact details - like gmail or yahoo mail-ids - are ignored.

I spotted an error on FKnol, or I want to request a feature. Where should I report?
  Have you spotted any error in any of the FKnol.com articles, are they missing anything, do they have an error, or you want to send us a simple tip to include a specific topic? Please fill this Google Form to contact us!


The disclaimer of FKnol.com is simple and straightforward - Information provided on this portal can be completely incorrect, and anyone using, visiting, reading or accessing the content on FKnol.com agrees that they themselves are responsible for their own decisions. FKnol.com, and its owners and founders, are not, and cannot be held, responsible for any errors or omissions, regardless of the cause, for the results obtained from the use of the FKnol.com's content by any individual, business, organization, system or any other entity.

This website is NOT an advisory service. It is simply an attempt to providing information and content. No guarantee can be provided for the correctness, completeness, or accuracy of this information. The information provided on the portal can be completely wrong, incorrect and obsolete. Any decision to trade/invest in any of the mentioned security should not be made in reliance on any of the content or statements set forth anywhere on this website or any of its documents.

Nothing in this website constitutes an offer or solicitation of financial product advice and is not intended to constitute provision of investment, legal, tax, or other professional or financial advice. Such content therefore should not be relied upon for the making of any personal financial and investment decisions.