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Advertise with the leading financial information portal which gets visitors from across the globe.
FKnol currently covers details of stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETF) and dividends of the American stock markets, along with the various associated lists of the financial securities.
FKnol is in the process of extending the coverage of financial instruments to other global financial markets, which include Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, France, Germany and India. FKnol is also going to add educational content on financial terms, courses, and coverage for brokers.

Visitor Demographics

Though FKnol currently covers the US markets, its visitor base spans across the globe. The majority of the visitors are from the US (almost 75%), while the visitors from Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, India, Germany, Singapore and Australia follow in the mentioned order. With the near-term plans of extending the content coverage to the countries listed in the first section, the visitor base is expected to grow many-folds.

Advertising Options on FKnol

Get associated with the leading financial content portal FKnol.com and target the right visitors. While mobile visitors continue to increase, the content offered on FKnol.com also attracts a majority of visitors using desktop computers. It allows for a wide variety of choices to prospective advertisers who wish to target the users of financial content.
To enable easy understanding of available advertising options, refer to the following two images of the locations where one may opt to place ads on FKnol.com pages.
The images are of large size as they are detailed, comprehensive and self-explanatory. It is advisable to open the images in new tab/window of the browser, or save it on your PC and access via any image viewer, to get a proper view of ad options

Desktop Ads:

The following image displays the location, size and type of ads that can be purchased for desktop users.

Mobile Ads:

The following image displays the location, size and type of ads that can be purchased for mobile users.

One may select a maximum of three locations for both the desktop or mobile ads - that is, each page will display a maximum of three ads.
Contact us for pricing information by mentioning your preferred medium (desktop/mobile/both), location of ads (ad-banner #) and other details and we will be happy to connect with you to offer you the best pricing and the best fit for maximum returns.

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