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VSE Corp (VSEC) Company Profile

Updated Oct 8, 2019
VSE Corp has the following business profile:
Company's Full Name:VSE Corporation
Short Name:VSE Corp
Trading Ticker Symbol:VSEC
Primary Exchange:NASDAQ
Headquarter City/Country:Alexandria, VA
Primary Industry Sector:Consumer Services
Seconday Sub-sector:Military Government and Technical
Main Business Areas: Consumer Services, Military Government and Technical, Industrials, Engineering & Construction
Dividend Payments:Dividend History

Market and Trading Information for VSE Corp

The following details were available for trading and market data about the stock of VSE Corp as of writing:
Current Share Price:$32.4
Previous Year's Closing Price:$29.91
Percentage Price Change (YTD):8.32%
Market Cap:$362.85 million
52-week Price Range:$24.06 - $39.49
Dividend Per Share:$0.32
EPS (TTM):3.26
Price-Earnings (Trailing):9.94
Price-Earnings (Forward):7.26

Company Profile and Business Description for VSE Corp

VSE Corporation, incorporated on January 22, 1959, is a services and supply chain management company. The Company's segments include Supply Chain Management Group, Aviation Group, Federal Services Group, and IT, Energy and Management Consulting Group. The Company provides logistics and distribution services for legacy systems and equipment and professional and technical services to the United States Government, including the United States Department of Defense (DoD), the United States Postal Service (USPS), federal civilian agencies, and commercial and other customers. The Company's service offerings include supply chain and inventory management services; vehicle fleet sustainment programs; vehicle fleet parts supply and distribution; maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) of aircraft engines and engine components; aircraft engine parts supply and distribution; engineering support for military vehicles; military equipment refurbishment and modification; ship MRO and follow-on technical support; logistics management support; machinery condition analysis; specification preparation for ship alterations; ship's force crew training; life cycle support for ships; ship communication systems; energy conservation, energy efficiency, sustainable energy supply, and electric power grid modernization projects; technology road-mapping; information technology (IT) enterprise architecture development, information assurance/business continuity, security risk management, and network services; medical logistics; and medical command and control.

Supply Chain Management Group

The Company's Supply Chain Management Group provides sourcing, acquisition, scheduling, transportation, shipping, logistics, data management and other services. The segment consists of the Company's subsidiary, Wheeler Bros., Inc. (WBI). It includes WBI's ongoing USPS Managed Inventory Program (MIP) that supplies vehicle parts and supply chain support for the USPS truck fleet. It offers managed inventory services and parts sales to support commercial client truck fleets, parts sales to DoD, and other projects to support the USPS.

Aviation Group

The Company provides MRO services, parts supply and distribution, and supply chain solutions for general aviation jet aircraft engines and engine accessories. The Company serves corporate and private aircraft owners, regional airlines, aviation manufacturers, other aviation MRO providers, cargo transporters and agricultural clients.

Federal Services Group

The Company's Federal Services Group provides foreign military sales services, refurbishment services to extend and enhance the life of existing vehicles and equipment, fleet-wide ship and aircraft support, aircraft sustainment and maintenance, and other technical, management, engineering, logistics, maintenance, configuration management, prototyping, technology, and field support services to the United States Navy and Marine Corps, the United States Army and Army Reserve, the United States Air Force, and other customers. It offers assistance to the United States Navy in executing its Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program for surface ships sold, leased or granted to foreign countries; Red River Army Depot Equipment Related Services Program (RRAD ERS) providing on-site logistics support for Red River Army Depot at Texarkana, Texas; its Fort Benning Logistics Support Services Program supporting base operations and logistics at Fort Benning, Georgia, and various vehicle and equipment refurbishment, maintenance and sustainment programs for United States Army commands.

IT, Energy and Management Consulting Group

The Company's IT, Energy and Management Consulting Group provides technical and consulting services primarily to various DoD and federal civilian agencies, including the United States Departments of Energy, Homeland Security, and Interior; the Social Security Administration; the National Institutes of Health; customers in the military health system, and other government agencies and commercial clients. The Company consists of the Company's subsidiaries, Energetics Incorporated (Energetics) and Akimeka, LLC (Akimeka). Energetics provides technical, policy, business and management support in areas of energy modernization, clean and efficient energy, climate change mitigation, infrastructure protection and measurement technology. Akimeka offers solutions in fields that include medical logistics, medical command and control, e-health, information assurance, public safety, enterprise architecture development, business continuity, program and portfolio management, network IT services, cloud managed services, systems design and integration, quality assurance services, and product and process improvement services.

6348 Walker Ln

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