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Teck Resources (TECK) Company Profile

Updated Feb 14, 2020
Teck Resources has the following business profile:
Company's Full Name:Teck Resources Ltd
Short Name:Teck Resources
Trading Ticker Symbol:TECK
Primary Exchange:NYSE
Headquarter City/Country:Canada
Primary Industry Sector:Basic Industries
Seconday Sub-sector:Mining Quarrying Minerals
Main Business Areas: Silver, Basic Industries, Mining Quarrying Minerals, Basic Materials, Industrial Metals & Minerals
Dividend Payments:Dividend History

Market and Trading Information for Teck Resources

The following details were available for trading and market data about the stock of Teck Resources as of writing:
Current Share Price:$13.46
Previous Year's Closing Price:$17.37
Percentage Price Change (YTD):-22.51%
Market Cap:$7.24 billion
52-week Price Range:$12.72 - $25.75
Dividend Per Share:$0.2
EPS (TTM):4.47
Price-Earnings (Trailing):3.01
Price-Earnings (Forward):4.76

Company Profile and Business Description for Teck Resources

Teck Resources Limited, incorporated on January 1, 2008, is engaged in the business of exploring for, acquiring, developing and producing natural resources. The Company's activities are organized into business units that are focused on steelmaking coal, copper, zinc and energy. The Company operates through five segments: steelmaking coal, copper, zinc, energy and corporate. The corporate segment includes all of its activities in commodities other than copper, coal, zinc and energy. Through its interests in mining and processing operations in Canada, the United States, Chile and Peru, the Company is a seaborne exporter of steelmaking coal, and producer of copper and mined zinc. The Company also produces lead, molybdenum, silver, and various specialty and other metals, chemicals and fertilizers. In addition, the Company owns interest in the Fort Hills oil sands project and interests in other assets in the Athabasca region of Alberta. The Company explores for copper, zinc and gold. The Company is engaged in advancing porphyry copper projects in Canada, Chile, Peru, the United States and Turkey. The Company's subsidiaries include Teck South American Holdings Ltd., Teck Chilean Holdings Ltd., Teck Resources Chile Limitada, Teck Base Metals Ltd., Teck Metals Ltd., TCL U.S. Holdings Ltd., TCAI Incorporated, Teck American Incorporated and Teck Alaska Incorporated.

Steelmaking Coal

The Company's hard coking coal, a type of steelmaking coal, is used primarily for making coke by integrated steel mills in Asia, Europe and the Americas. It also produces semi-hard coking coal, semi-soft coking coal and thermal coal products, among others. Its production capacity is approximately 28 million tons.


The Company produces both copper concentrates and copper cathode. Its principal market for copper concentrates is Asia. It also sells copper products in Europe. Copper concentrates produced at the Highland Valley Copper mine are distributed to customers in Asia. Copper concentrates produced at Antamina are transported by a slurry pipeline to a port at Huarmey, Peru and from there by ship to customers in Asia and Europe. Copper concentrates produced at Carmen de Andacollo are trucked to the port of Coquimbo, Chile, and from there by ship to customers in Asia and Europe. Copper cathode from its Quebrada Blanca and Carmen de Andacollo mines is trucked from the mines and sold primarily under annual contracts to customers in Asia, Europe and North America.


The Company produces refined zinc through its metallurgical operations at Trail and zinc concentrates through its mining operations. Its principal markets for refined zinc include North America and Asia. Its principal markets for zinc concentrates include Asia and Europe. It produces mined zinc primarily from its Red Dog Operations in Alaska, as a co-product from the Antamina copper mine in northern Peru, and from its Pend Oreille mine in Washington State. Its metallurgical complex in Trail, British Columbia, is engaged in zinc and lead smelting, and refining operations.


The Company's energy assets in the Athabasca oil sands region of northeastern Alberta include interest in the Fort Hills oil sands project, interest in the Frontier oil sands project and in various other oil sands leases in the exploration phase, including the Lease 421 Area. The Frontier oil sands project consists of approximately 60,700 hectares of oil sands leases and is located on the west side of the Athabasca River. Lease 421 Area is located east of the Fort Hills project in northern Alberta.

550 Burrard St Suite 3300, Benta

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