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Spectrum Brands (SPB) Company Profile

Updated Dec 31, 2019
Spectrum Brands has the following business profile:
Company's Full Name:Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc.
Short Name:Spectrum Brands
Trading Ticker Symbol:SPB
Primary Exchange:NYSE
Headquarter City/Country:Georgia, GA
Primary Industry Sector:Miscellaneous
Seconday Sub-sector:Industrial Machinery and Components
Main Business Areas: Miscellaneous, Industrial Machinery and Components, Consumer Cyclical, Home Furnishings & Fixtures
Dividend Payments:Dividend History

Market and Trading Information for Spectrum Brands

The following details were available for trading and market data about the stock of Spectrum Brands as of writing:
Current Share Price:$64.29
Previous Year's Closing Price:$42.25
Percentage Price Change (YTD):52.17%
Market Cap:$3.14 billion
52-week Price Range:$41.37 - $66.5
Dividend Per Share:$1.68
EPS (TTM):9.31
Price-Earnings (Trailing):6.91
Price-Earnings (Forward):15.31

Company Profile and Business Description for Spectrum Brands

Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. (SB Holdings), incorporated on February 5, 2010, is a diversified global consumer products company. The Company manufactured, marketed and/or distributed its products in approximately 160 countries in the North America (NA); Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA); Latin America (LATAM), and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions, as of September 30, 2016. It has five segments: Global Batteries & Appliances (GBA), Global Pet Supplies (PET), Home and Garden (H&G), Hardware & Home Improvement (HHI) and Global Auto Care (GAC). The Company has seven product categories: consumer batteries; pet supplies; home and garden control products; electric shaving and grooming products; small appliances; electric personal care products, and portable lighting. Its manufacturing and product development facilities are located in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia. SB/RH Holdings, LLC and Russell Hobbs Ltd. (Russell Hobbs) are subsidiaries of SB Holdings.

Global Batteries and Appliances

The Company's GBA segment includes product categories, such as consumer batteries, small appliances and personal care. The consumer batteries product category sells alkaline batteries, zinc carbon batteries, nickel metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries, battery chargers and various battery-powered portable lighting products under the Rayovac and VARTA brands. The Company also manufactures alkaline batteries for third parties selling the batteries under their own private labels. Its specialty battery products include camera batteries, lithium batteries, silver oxide batteries, keyless entry batteries and coin cells used in watches, cameras, calculators, communications equipment and medical instruments. It also manufactures and sells its hearing aid batteries under several brand names and private labels.

The small appliances product category consists of small kitchen appliances under the Black & Decker, Russell Hobbs, George Foreman, Juiceman and Breadman brands, including toaster ovens, toasters, sandwich makers, coffeemakers, coffee grinders, can openers, electric knives, grills, deep fryers, food choppers, food processors, slow cookers, hand mixers, blenders, juicers, bread makers, kettles, rice cookers and steamers. Its small home product appliances include hand-held irons, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, clothes shavers and heaters, primarily under the Black & Decker and Russell Hobbs brands.

The personal care product category includes a line of electric shaving and grooming products under the Remington brand name, including men's rotary and foil shavers; beard and mustache trimmers; body, nose and ear trimmers; women's shavers; haircut kits, and intense pulsed light hair removal systems. Other personal care products include hand-held dryers, curling irons, straightening irons, brush irons, hair setters, facial brushes, skin appliances, electric toothbrushes and hair accessories.

Hardware and Home Improvement

The Company's HHI segment includes product categories, such as lockset, plumbing and hardware. The lockset product category includes a range of residential locksets and door hardware, including knobs, levers, deadbolts, handle sets and electronics under three brands: Kwikset, under which residential door hardware is sold primarily in the United States; Weiser, under which residential door hardware is sold primarily in Canada, and Baldwin, which offers luxury residential door hardware. The HHI segment also includes electronic and connected locks, such as Kevo Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt, which turns a smart phone into a key and allows authorized users to open their deadbolt by simply touching the lock with connected devices. The plumbing product category includes kitchen, bath and shower faucets, and other plumbing products and fixtures, which are offered under its Pfister brand. The hardware product category includes hinges, security hardware, screen and storm door products, garage door hardware, and window hardware and floor protection. It falls under the National Hardware and Stanley brand names, throughout the United States and Canada.

Global Pet Supplies

The Company's PET segment's product categories include aquatics, companion animal and pet food. The aquatics product category includes a range of consumer and commercial aquatics products, such as integrated aquarium kits, standalone tanks and stands, and aquatics equipment. Aquatics equipment include filtration systems, heaters, pumps and aquatics consumables such as fish food, water treatments and conditioners. The Company's aquatics brands are Tetra, Marineland, Whisper, Jungle and Instant Ocean.

The companion animal product category includes various pet products, such as rawhide chews, dog and cat treats, small animal food and treats, clean-up and training aid products, health and grooming aids, bedding products and consumable accessories. These consumable accessories include privacy tents, litter carpets, crystal litter cartridges, charcoal filters, corn-based litter and replaceable waste receptacles. The Company's pet brands include FURminator, 8-in-1, Dingo, Nature's Miracle, Wild Harvest and Littermaid.

The pet food product category includes wet and dry pet food for dogs and cats. It falls under the IAMS, Eukanuba and 8-in-1 brand names in European markets.

Home and Garden

The Company's H&G segment's product categories include controls, household and repellents. The controls product category includes a range of outdoor insect and weed control solutions, and animal repellents under the brand names, Spectracide, Black Flag, Garden Safe, EcoLogic and Liquid Fence. Its line of outdoor control solutions are designed to assist consumers in controlling insects, weeds and animals themselves. From selective and non-selective herbicides to pest-specific solutions, H&G's outdoor products are available as aerosols, granules, ready-to-use or hose-end ready-to-sprays.

The household product category includes various household pest control solutions, such as spider and scorpion killers; roach and ant killers; flying insect killers; insect foggers; wasp and hornet killers; bedbug, flea and tick control products, and roach and ant baits. It also offers powerful rodent traps and rodenticides with discreet designs that can be refilled and reused. The Company's brands in the household insect control and rodenticide category are Hot Shot and Black Flag.

The repellents product category includes personal use pesticides for protection from various outdoor pests, especially mosquitoes. The pesticides include both personal repellents in various formulas, such as aerosols, lotions, pump sprays and wipes to match consumers' needs. It also includes repellents, such as yard sprays, citronella candles and patio lanterns for outdoors purposes. The Company's brands in the insect repellents category are Cutter and Repel.

Global Auto Care

The Company's GAC segment's product categories include appearance, performance and A/C recharge. The appearance product category includes protectants, wipes, tire and wheel care products, glass cleaners, leather care products, air fresheners and washes. These products are designed to clean, shine, refresh and protect interior and exterior automobile surfaces under the brand name Armor All.

The performance product category includes STP-branded fuel and oil additives, functional fluids and automotive appearance products. The A/C recharge product category includes do-it-yourself automotive air conditioner recharge products, along with other refrigerant and oil recharge kits, sealants and accessories. These products fall under the A/C PRO brand.

The Company competes with Energizer Holdings, Inc., Berkshire Hathaway, Matsushita Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd., Newell Brands, Inc., General Electric, De'Longhi America, SharkNinja, NACCO Industries, Inc., SEB S.A, Whirlpool Corporation, Conair Corporate, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Glen Dimplex, The Procter & Gamble Company, Wahl Clipper Corporation, Helen of Troy Limited, Allegion, Defiant, The Hillman Group, Hampton Hardware, Crown Bolt, Kohler, Masco, Fortune Brands Home & Security, Inc., American Standard, Glacier Bay, AquaSource, Mars Corporation, The Hartz Mountain Corporation, Central Garden & Pet Company, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, Bayer A.G., S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc., Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Valvoline, Prestone, Turtle Wax, Black Magic, Mothers, Meguiars, Lucas and Sea Foam.

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