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Prudential Financial (PRU) Company Profile

Updated Dec 31, 2019
Prudential Financial has the following business profile:
Company's Full Name:Prudential Financial
Short Name:Prudential Financial
Trading Ticker Symbol:PRU
Primary Exchange:NYSE
Headquarter City/Country:Newark, New Jersey
Primary Industry Sector:Finance
Seconday Sub-sector:Life Insurance
Main Business Areas: Finance, Life Insurance, Financial Services
Dividend Payments:Dividend History

Market and Trading Information for Prudential Financial

The following details were available for trading and market data about the stock of Prudential Financial as of writing:
Current Share Price:$93.74
Previous Year's Closing Price:$81.55
Percentage Price Change (YTD):14.95%
Market Cap:$37.68 billion
52-week Price Range:$77.65 - $106.4
Dividend Per Share:$3.9
EPS (TTM):9.33
Price-Earnings (Trailing):10.05
Price-Earnings (Forward):7.54

Company Profile and Business Description for Prudential Financial

Prudential Financial, Inc., incorporated in 1999, is a financial services company. The Company, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, offers a range of financial products and services, which includes life insurance, annuities, retirement-related services, mutual funds and investment management. The Company's operations consists of four divisions, which together encompass seven segments. Its divisions include The U.S. Retirement Solutions and Investment Management division; the U.S. Individual Life and Group Insurance division; the International Insurance division, and Closed Block division. The Company has operations in the United States, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

U.S. Retirement Solutions and Investment Management Division

The U.S. Retirement Solutions and Investment Management division conducts its business through the Individual Annuities, Retirement and Asset Management segments. The individual annuities segment manufactures and distributes individual variable and fixed annuity products, primarily to the United States mass affluent market. The Company focuses on a range of product design and risk management strategies. The Company offers variable annuities that provide its contract holders with tax-deferred asset accumulation together with a base death benefit and a suite of optional guaranteed living benefits (including versions with guaranteed minimum death benefits) and annuitization options. The Company also offers immediate annuities and variable annuities without guaranteed living benefits. The Company offers the Prudential Immediate Income Annuity, which is a fixed single immediate annuity that provides fixed payments over a specific time period, and the Prudential Premier Investment Variable Annuity, which offers tax-deferred asset accumulation, annuitization options and an optional death benefit that guarantees the contract holder's beneficiary a return of total purchase payments made to the contract, adjusted for any partial withdrawals, upon death.

The Retirement segment, which the Company refers to in the marketplace as Prudential Retirement, provides retirement investment and income products, and services to retirement plan sponsors in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. The Company's full service business provides recordkeeping, plan administration, actuarial advisory services, tailored participant education and communication services, trustee services, and institutional and retail investments. The Company services defined contribution, defined benefit and non-qualified plans, and for clients with combinations of these plans, it offers integrated recordkeeping services. The Company also provides certain brokerage services through its broker-dealer, Prudential Investment Management Services LLC, and trust services through Prudential Bank & Trust, FSB (PB&T). Its institutional investment products business offers investment in only stable value products, pension risk transfer solutions and other payout annuities, including guaranteed investment contracts (GICs), funding agreements, institutional and retail notes, structured settlement annuities and other group annuities for defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans, non-qualified plans and individuals.

The Asset Management segment provides a range of investment management and advisory services by means of institutional portfolio management, retail funds management, private lending and asset securitization activity, and other structured products. These products and services are provided to third-party clients, as well as other prudential businesses. The Company offers asset management services for public and private fixed income, public equity and real estate, as well as commercial mortgage origination and servicing, and mutual funds and other retail services through eight businesses, which include Prudential Fixed Income, Jennison Associates, Quantitative Management Associates, Prudential Capital Group, PGIM Real Estate Finance, PGIM Real Estate, Prudential Investments and Prudential International Investments.

U.S. Individual Life and Group Insurance Division

The U.S. Individual Life and Group Insurance division conducts its business through the Individual Life and Group Insurance segments. The Individual Life segment manufactures and distributes individual variable life, term life and universal life insurance products primarily to the United States mass middle, mass affluent and affluent markets. The Company's insurance products are term life, variable life, guaranteed universal life and all other universal life. The Company's term life insurance products provide coverage for a specified time period. The Company also offers term life insurance that provides for a return of premium if the insured is alive at the end of the level premium period. The Company offers a range of individual variable life insurance products that provide the policyholder to change both the death benefit and premium payments. The Company offers universal life insurance products that feature premiums and a crediting rate that it determines, subject to certain contractual minimums. The Company also offers universal life insurance products that allow the policyholder to allocate all or a portion of their account balance into an index account.

The Group Insurance segment offers a range of group life, long-term and short-term group disability and group corporate, bank and trust-owned life insurance in the United States primarily to institutional clients for use in connection with employee plans and affinity groups. The Company's portfolio of group life insurance products consists of employer-paid and employee-paid coverages, including term life insurance for employees and employees' dependents, as well as group universal life insurance. The Company offers group variable universal life insurance; basic and voluntary accidental death and dismemberment insurance; business travel accident insurance; a critical illness product, and an accident insurance product. The Company also offers waiver of premium coverage where required premiums are waived in the event the insured suffers a qualifying disability. It also offers short- and long-term group disability insurance, which protects against loss of wages due to illness or injury, as well as plan administrative services and absence management services.

International Insurance Division

The International Insurance division conducts its business through the International Insurance segment. The International Insurance segment manufactures and distributes individual life insurance, retirement and related products, including certain health products with fixed benefits. The Company provides these products to the middle income market across Japan through multiple distribution channels, including banks, independent agencies and Life Consultants associated with its Gibraltar Life Insurance Company, Ltd. operations. The Company also provides these products to the mass affluent and affluent markets through its Life Planner operations in Japan, Korea and other countries outside the United States, including Taiwan, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Poland and Mexico. The Company offers a range of traditional whole life products that provide either level or increasing coverage, and offers limited or lifetime premium payment options. The Company also offers increasing, decreasing and level benefit term insurance products that provide coverage for a specified time period, as well as protection-oriented variable universal life products. It offers a range of retirement products, including endowments, savings-oriented variable universal life and retirement income.


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