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MSA Safety (MSA) Company Profile

Updated Dec 2, 2019
MSA Safety has the following business profile:
Company's Full Name:MSA Safety Incorporporated
Short Name:MSA Safety
Trading Ticker Symbol:MSA
Primary Exchange:NYSE
Headquarter City/Country:Cranberry Township, PA
Primary Industry Sector:Health Care
Seconday Sub-sector:Industrial Specialties
Main Business Areas: Health Care, Industrial Specialties, Industrials, Security & Protection Services
Dividend Payments:Dividend History

Market and Trading Information for MSA Safety

The following details were available for trading and market data about the stock of MSA Safety as of writing:
Current Share Price:$123.24
Previous Year's Closing Price:$94.27
Percentage Price Change (YTD):30.73%
Market Cap:$4.77 billion
52-week Price Range:$86.72 - $126.62
Dividend Per Share:$1.6
EPS (TTM):3.32
Price-Earnings (Trailing):37.11
Price-Earnings (Forward):23.39

Company Profile and Business Description for MSA Safety

MSA Safety Incorporated, incorporated on February 25, 2014, is engaged in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products that protect people and facility infrastructures. The Company's safety products integrate a combination of electronics, mechanical systems and materials to protect users against hazardous or life threatening situations. The Company operates through three segments: Americas, International and Corporate. The Company's line of safety products are used by workers around the world in a range of markets, including the oil and gas, fire service, utilities, construction and mining industries. The Company also sells products designed for specific industrial and military applications. The Company's core products include self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), fixed gas and flame detection systems, portable gas detection instruments, industrial head protection, fire and rescue helmets, and fall protection devices. Its customers fall into two categories: distributors and industrial or military end users.

The Company's manufacturing and research and development facilities are located in the United States. The Company serves markets across the Americas with manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Canada. Operations in other Americas segment countries focus primarily on sales and distribution in their respective home country markets. Its International segment includes companies in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific region, some of which are in developing regions of the world. In its International affiliates (in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland and China), it develops, manufactures and sells a range of products. In China, the products manufactured are sold primarily in the home country, as well as regional markets. Operations in other International segment countries focus primarily on sales and distribution in their respective home country markets. The Company's fixed gas and flame detection instruments are used in oil, gas and petrochemical facilities and general industrial production facilities to detect the presence or absence of various gases in the air. The applications of these instruments include the detection of an oxygen deficiency in confined spaces or the presence of combustible or toxic gases. FGFD's products include multi-point permanently installed gas detection systems, and flame detectors and open-path infrared gas detectors.

The Company's multi-point permanently installed gas detection systems are used to monitor for combustible and toxic gases and oxygen deficiency in virtually any application where continuous monitoring is required. Its systems are used for gas detection in petrochemical, pulp and paper, wastewater, refrigerant monitoring and general industrial applications. These systems utilize an array of sensing technologies, including electrochemical, catalytic, infrared and ultrasonic. The Company's flame detectors and open-path infrared gas detectors are used for plant-wide monitoring of toxic gases and for detecting the presence of flames. These systems use infrared optics to detect hazardous conditions across long distances, making them suitable for use in such applications as offshore oil rigs, storage vessels, refineries, pipelines and ventilation ducts. Its systems have applications in petrochemical facilities, the transportation industry and in pharmaceutical production.

Its International segment includes companies in South America, Africa and the Asia Pacific region. Principal International segment manufacturing operations are located in Brazil and China. These companies manufacture products that are sold in each company's home country, as well as regional markets.

The Company's breathing apparatus products include SCBA, face masks and respirators. SCBA are used by first responders, petrochemical plant workers and anyone entering an environment deemed immediately dangerous to life and health. The Company's breathing apparatus product, the MSA G1 SCBA, offers many customizable and differentiated features. The Company's hand-held portable gas detection instruments are used by oil, gas and petrochemical workers; general industry workers; miners, and first responders to detect the presence or absence of various gases in the air. The applications of these instruments include the detection of an oxygen deficiency in confined spaces or the presence of combustible or toxic gases. Its single and multi-gas detectors provide portable solutions for detecting the presence of oxygen, combustible gases and various toxic gases, including hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, ammonia and chlorine, either singularly or over six gases at once. The Company's ALTAIR 2X Single or Two Gas Detectors, ALTAIR 4X and ALTAIR 5X Multigas Detectors with XCell sensor technology include internally developed sensors.

The Company offers a line of industrial head protection that includes the V-Gard helmet brand. It offers customers a range of color choices and the Company is also engaged in the application of customized logos. Its industrial head protection has a user base, including oil, gas and petrochemical workers, steel and construction workers, miners and industrial workers. The Company's Fas-Trac III Suspension system provides comfort for the users of its helmets. The Company's line of fall protection equipment includes confined space equipment, harnesses, fall arrest equipment, lanyards and lifelines. Its fall protection equipment is used by workers in the construction industry, oil, gas and petrochemical market, utilities industry and general industrial applications, and anyone working at height. The Company offers a line of fire helmets that includes its Cairns and Gallet helmet brands. Its Cairns helmets are primarily used by firefighters in North America while the Gallet helmets are used by firefighters across its International segment. Rescue helmets, including the F2 X-Trem Brand, are used by military and first responders outside of North America. It sells these products in both of its Americas and International segments.

The Company maintains a portfolio of non-core products, which includes both adjacent and peripheral offerings. Its adjacent products include respirators, eye and face protection, fire helmets, thermal imaging cameras, ballistic helmets and gas masks. Its gas masks and ballistic helmet sales represent the purchases of its military customers. The Company's peripheral products are sold to the mining industry.

1000 Cranberry Woods Dr

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