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Consumer Electronics and Appliances (Consumer Durables) Sector Stock List

Updated Dec 31, 2019
The Consumer Electronics and Appliances subsector (industrial classification) falls under the broader Consumer Durables sector. The following list presents stocks of the companies which belong to the Consumer Electronics and Appliances class. has a total of 18 stocks in its records for the companies belonging to the Consumer Electronics and Appliances category, out of which 5 belong to the Consumer Electronics and Appliances (Consumer Durables) sector.
Additionally, the sub-sector 'Consumer Electronics and Appliances' is also categorized under other major sectors, which is where the remaining 13 stocks of the Consumer Electronics and Appliances sub-sector are classified. To view the stocks of companies of those other subsector-sector combination, see:
▶ Consumer Electronics and Appliances (Energy): See list of stocks.
▶ Consumer Electronics and Appliances (Consumer Non-Durables): See list of stocks.

Stocks of Consumer Electronics and Appliances (Consumer Durables) Sector

Stock List

▶ AO Smith (AOS): The NYSE-listed Wisconsin, WI-based A. O. Smith Corporation manufactures and markets residential and commercial gas and electric water heaters, boilers, tanks, and water treatment products in North America, China, Europe, and India. It ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ iRobot (IRBT): The NASDAQ-listed Massachusetts, MA-based iRobot Corporation, incorporated on December 20, 2000, is a consumer robot company, which is engaged in designing and building robots. The Companys portfolio of solutions features various technologies for the ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ NACCO Industries (NC): The NYSE-listed Ohio, OH-based NACCO Industries, Inc., incorporated on February 18, 1986, is a holding company. The Companys principal businesses include mining, small appliances and specialty retail. The Company operates through three segments: NACoal, ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ SodaStream International (SODA): The NASDAQ-listed Israel-based SodaStream International Ltd. (SodaStream), incorporated on March 8, 2007, is a sparkling water company. The Company manufactures, distributes and sells home beverage carbonation systems, which enable consumers to transform ordinary ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

▶ Whirlpool (WHR): The NYSE-listed Benton Harbor, Michigan-based Whirlpool Corporation, incorporated on August 10, 1955, is a manufacturer and marketer of home appliances. As of December 31, 2016, the Company manufactured products in 14 countries and markets products ....See Detailed Company Profile  and Dividend History.

Dividend Stocks of Consumer Electronics and Appliances (Consumer Durables) Sector

Among all the stocks of the Consumer Electronics and Appliances (Consumer Durables) sector which are included in the above mentioned all-inclusive stock list, a few are known to be regular dividend paying stocks. The list of such frequent dividend paying stocks of the Consumer Electronics and Appliances (Consumer Durables) can be explored as follows. It is based on the recent records of dividends announced/paid by the company since the date/month mentioned for each stock. Owing to the limited number of dividend records maintained by, it is possible that a particular company may have paid more or less dividends.

Frequent Dividend Payers of Consumer Electronics and Appliances Sector

▶ NACCO Industries (NC) has paid 10 dividends since May 2017. See Dividend History  Company Profile

▶ Whirlpool (WHR) has paid 10 dividends since May 2017. See Dividend History  Company Profile

▶ AO Smith (AOS) has paid 9 dividends since April 2017. See Dividend History  Company Profile

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