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Globalstar (GSAT) Company Profile

Updated Jul 7, 2020
Globalstar has the following business profile:
Company's Full Name:Globalstar, Inc.
Short Name:Globalstar
Trading Ticker Symbol:GSAT
Primary Exchange:AMEX
Headquarter City/Country:Louisiana, LA
Primary Industry Sector:Consumer Services
Seconday Sub-sector:Telecommunications Equipment
Main Business Areas: Consumer Services, Telecommunications Equipment, Communication Services, Telecom Services, Telecom
Dividend Payments:Dividend History
ETFs Holding:List of ETFs holding Globalstar stock

Market and Trading Information for Globalstar

The following details were available for trading and market data about the stock of Globalstar as of writing:
Current Share Price:$0.37
Previous Year's Closing Price:$0.52
Percentage Price Change (YTD):-28.85%
Market Cap:$625.41 million
52-week Price Range:$0.23 - $0.6
Dividend Per Share:$0
EPS (TTM):-0.08
Price-Earnings (Trailing):0
Price-Earnings (Forward):-6.25

Company Profile and Business Description for Globalstar

Globalstar, Inc. (Globalstar), incorporated on November 21, 2003, provides mobile satellite services (MSS), including voice and data communications services globally through satellite. The Company provides wireless communications services in areas not served or underserved by terrestrial wireless and wireline networks and in circumstances where terrestrial networks are not operational due to natural or man-made disasters. It offers voice and data communication services over its network of in-orbit satellites and its active ground stations (gateways), which it refers to collectively as the Globalstar System. The Company's services are available only with equipment designed to work on its network two-way voice communication and data transmissions (Duplex) using mobile or fixed devices, and one-way data transmissions (Simplex) using a mobile or fixed device that transmits its location and other information to a central monitoring station, including certain SPOT and Simplex products.

The Company's satellite communications business, by providing mobile communications to its subscribers, serves principally various markets, such as recreation and personal; government; public safety and disaster relief; oil and gas; maritime and fishing; natural resources, mining and forestry; construction; utilities, and transportation. Its products and services are sold through a range of independent agents, dealers and resellers, and independent gateway operators (IGOs). The Company provides engineering services to assist its commercial and government customers in developing applications related to its system, and to engineer and install gateways that use its system. These services include hardware and software designs to develop specific applications operating over its network, as well as, the installation of gateways and antennas. The Company offers First-Generation Constellation and Second-Generation Constellation. Its ground network includes both its first-generation and second-generation ground equipment.

Duplex Two-Way Voice and Data Products

The Company provides mobile voice and data services to a range of commercial, government and recreational customers for remote business continuity, recreational, emergency response and other applications. The Company offers its services for use only with equipment designed to work on its network, which users generally purchase in conjunction with an initial service plan.

The Company offers the GSP-1700 phone, which includes a color liquid crystal display (LCD) screen and a range of accessories. With Sat-Fi, its customers can use their smartphones, tablets and laptops to send and receive communications through the Globalstar satellite system when traveling beyond cellular service. The Company's data solution, the Globalstar 9600 enables customers to use an application to pair with their existing satellite phone and smartphone to send and receive e-mail over the Globalstar System. This data hotspot is ideal for remote workforces in industries, such as energy and construction to communicate through e-mail, send status reports, download local weather and send pictures.

The Company provides fixed voice and data services in rural villages at remote industrial, commercial and residential sites and on ships at sea, among other places primarily with its GSP2900 fixed phone. The Company offers data-only services through Duplex devices that have two-way transmission capabilities. The Company offers asynchronous and packet data service in all of its Duplex territories. Its products provide access to the Internet, corporate virtual private networks and other customer specific data centers. The Company provides store-and-forward capabilities to customers who do not require real-time transmission and reception of data. Additionally, the Company offers a data acceleration and compression service to the satellite data modem market.

SPOT Consumer Retail Products

The Company's SPOT delivers satellite-based connectivity and real-time global positioning system (GPS) tracking to the users. Its SPOT Consumer Retail Products include SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, SPOT Global Phone and SPOT Trace. The SPOT Gen3 offers various options, including rechargeable and universal serial bus (USB) direct line power. The Company targets its SPOT Gen3 to recreational and commercial markets that require personal tracking, emergency location and messaging solutions that operate beyond the reach of terrestrial wireless and wireline coverage. Using its network and Web-based mapping software, this device provides consumers with the ability to trace a path geographically or map the location of individuals or equipment. The product also enables users to transmit messages to a specific preprogrammed e-mail address, phone or data device, including a request for assistance in the event of an emergency.

The Company's SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger products and services are available through its product distribution channels and through its direct e-commerce Website. The Company introduced SPOT Global Phone to the consumer mass market. The SPOT Global Phone product leverages its retailer distribution channels and SPOT brand name. Its SPOT Trace is an anti-theft and asset tracking device. Its SPOT Trace ensures that cars, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles and other assets are notifying owners through e-mail or text messages when movement is detected. The Company distributes and sells its SPOT products through a range of distribution channels. The Company has distribution relationships with a number of Big Box retailers and online retailers, and other similar distribution channels.

Commercial Simplex One-way Transmission Products

The Company's Simplex devices track cargo containers and rail cars, and monitor utility meters and oil and gas assets, as well as host other applications. It includes a demodulator and radio frequency (RF) interface, called an applique, which is located at a gateway and an application server located in its facilities. The applique-equipped gateways provide coverage over various areas of the globe. The devices are used in tracking asset shipments, monitoring unattended remote assets, trailer tracking and mobile security. Its users include various Governmental agencies, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the United States Army, the United States Air Force, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the United States Forest Service and British Ministry of Defense, as well as other organizations.

The Company's Simplex service addresses the market for sending data, such as geographic coordinates, from assets or individuals in remote locations to a central monitoring station. The Company offers small Satellite Transmitters, such as the STX-2 and STX-3, which enable an integrator's products to access its Simplex network. The Company also offers products that utilize these transmitters. Its Simplex units, including the enterprise products MMT and SMARTONE, are used by industrial, commercial and government customers. These products provide monitoring that helps solve a range of security applications and asset tracking challenges. The reseller channel for Simplex equipment and service consists primarily of communications equipment retailers and commercial communications equipment rental companies.

The Company competes with Personal Locator Beacons, Inmarsat PLC, Iridium Communications Inc., Thuraya, ORBCOMM Inc., Ligado Networks, TerreStar and ICO Global.

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ETFs Holding Globalstar Stock

As of March 2020, the following exchange-traded funds (ETF) hold the Globalstar stocks in their respective portfolios. Below is a random list of only 10 ETFs in no particular order that have Globalstar stock holding. There are a total of 14 ETFs in records which are holding Globalstar stock in their portfolio. See Full List.

TickerNameShort DescriptionExpense
No. of
ACIMSPDR MSCI ACWI IMI ETFThe SPDR MSCI ACWI IMI ETF tracks a market-cap-weighted index of global stocks covering 98% of the capitalization of the developed and emerging markets. ...Full Details0.25%906
Full List
ITOTiShares Core S&P Total US Stock Market ETFThe iShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market ETF tracks a market cap-weighted index of all common equities listed on the NYSE and the NASDAQ. ...Full Details0.03%3090
Full List
SCHBSchwab US Broad Market ETFThe Schwab U.S. Broad Market ETF tracks a cap-weighted index of the largest 2,500 stocks in the US. ...Full Details0.03%2365
Full List
VOXVanguard Communication Services ETFThe Vanguard Communication Services ETF tracks a highly concentrated, market-cap-weighted index of US communication services companies. ...Full Details0.1%73
Full List
VTIVanguard Total Stock Market ETFThe Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF tracks a cap-weighted index that measures the investable US equities market, encompassing the entire market-cap spectrum. ...Full Details ...Candlestick Patterns.0.04%1515
Full List
VBKVanguard Small Cap Growth ETFThe Vanguard Small-Cap Growth ETF tracks an index that selects and weights growth stocks using multiple factors from US securities ranked between the 85th and 98th percentile by market cap. ...Full Details0.07%627
Full List
FCOMFidelity MSCI Telecommunication Services Index ETFThe Fidelity MSCI Telecommunication Services Index ETF tracks a market-cap-weighted index of stocks in the US telecommunication services sector. ...Full Details0.08%23
Full List
IUSSInvesco Strategic US Small Company ETFIUSS tracks an index of stocks from small US firms. The index determines firm size by fundamental metrics and also screens by "quality" metrics. Stocks are weighted by firm size. ...Full Details0.23%1179
Full List
IYZiShares US Telecommunications ETFThe Dow Jones U.S. Telecommunications ETF tracks a heavily concentrated, market-cap-weighted index of US companies involved in the telecommunications industry. ...Full Details0.43%46
Full List
PBSMInvesco PureBetaSM MSCI USA Small Cap ETFThe Invesco PureBeta MSCI USA Small Cap Portfolio ETF tracks a market-cap-selected and -weighted index of small-cap US stocks. ...Full Details0.06%1781
Full List

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