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FLIR (FLIR) Company Profile

Updated Dec 2, 2019
FLIR has the following business profile:
Company's Full Name:FLIR Systems
Short Name:FLIR
Trading Ticker Symbol:FLIR
Primary Exchange:NASDAQ
Headquarter City/Country:Wilsonville, Oregon
Primary Industry Sector:Capital Goods
Seconday Sub-sector:Industrial Machinery and Components
Main Business Areas: Capital Goods, Industrial Machinery and Components, Technology, Scientific & Technical Instruments, Robotics
Dividend Payments:Dividend History

Market and Trading Information for FLIR

The following details were available for trading and market data about the stock of FLIR as of writing:
Current Share Price:$52.61
Previous Year's Closing Price:$43.54
Percentage Price Change (YTD):20.83%
Market Cap:$7.06 billion
52-week Price Range:$40.52 - $55.54
Dividend Per Share:$0.67
EPS (TTM):1.95
Price-Earnings (Trailing):27.03
Price-Earnings (Forward):20.71

Company Profile and Business Description for FLIR

FLIR Systems, Inc. (FLIR), incorporated on March 8, 1978, designs, develops, markets and distributes thermal imaging systems, visible-light imaging systems, locater systems, measurement and diagnostic systems and threat-detection solutions. The Company's segments include Surveillance, Instruments, Security, OEM & Emerging Markets, Maritime and Detection. Its Surveillance segment provides enhanced imaging and recognition solutions under its commercially developed, military qualified (CDMQ) model to a range of military, law enforcement, public safety and other government customers. Its Instruments segment provides devices that image, measure and assess thermal energy, gases and other environmental elements for industrial, commercial, and scientific applications under the FLIR and Extech brands. Its Security segment develops and manufactures a range of cameras and video recording systems for use in commercial, critical infrastructure, and home monitoring applications. Its OEM & Emerging Markets segment provides thermal imaging camera cores and components that are utilized by third parties to create thermal and other types of imaging systems. Its Maritime segment develops and manufactures electronics and imaging instruments for the recreational and commercial maritime market under the FLIR and Raymarine brands. The Detection segment offers sensors, instruments and integrated platform solutions for the detection, identification, and suppression of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE) threats.


The Surveillance segment develops and manufactures enhanced imaging and situational awareness solutions for a range of military, law enforcement, public safety and other government entities. It also develops and sells hand-held and mounted scopes for consumers in the hunting and outdoors markets. Its solutions are used to protect borders, surveil a scene, conduct search and rescue missions, gather intelligence, and protect infrastructure by providing the capability to see over long distances, day or night, through adverse weather conditions, through many obscurants, and from a range of vehicle, man-portable, and fixed-installation platforms. The segment also utilizes uncooled thermal technology. Uncooled Surveillance segment products include hand-held and tripod-mount monoculars and binoculars, weapon sights and military-vehicle vision systems. It also designs and manufactures lasers and laser components, such as rangefinders, illuminators, and target markers.

The Company addresses its markets through either a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) model or a CDMQ model. The products developed under the COTS model are applicable to a range of commercial and government customers and markets, including military applications. CDMQ products are designed to meet military specifications. The segment serves markets, such as search and rescue, force protection, border and maritime patrol, surveillance and reconnaissance, airborne law enforcement, drug interdiction and personal vision.

The Company competes with BAE Systems, Finmeccanica, Elbit Systems, General Dynamics, L-3 Communications, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Sagem, Sofradir and Thales.


The Instruments segment develops hand-held, fixed mount and desktop imaging and measurement products. The Company offers a range of cooled and uncooled thermal products, with thermal cameras for laboratory and research and development applications; optical gas imagers for oil, power and chemical production applications; ruggedized cameras for firefighters; fixed and pan-tilt thermal cameras for factory line automation and plant safety monitoring, and multiple lines of professional and mid-level thermal cameras. It serves markets, such as electrical, predictive maintenance, firefighting, research and science, oil and gas production, and manufacturing process control.

The Company competes with Fortive, Testo, Seek Thermal, SATIR, OPGAL, Infratec, Guide Infrared, Nippon Avionics, Gossen Metrawatt, Textron, General Tools, Ideal Industries, Bullard, ISG/Scott, Argus, Drager and MSA.


The Security segment provides security solutions for a range of applications, including home and small business monitoring, as well as enterprise and infrastructure security. The segment also develops video security solutions for use in commercial, critical infrastructure and home security applications. These solutions include thermal and visible-spectrum cameras, digital and networked video recorders, and related video management systems (VMS) software and video analytics software accessories. Its video security cameras are marketed under the FLIR brand name, for thermal and professional-grade visible spectrum cameras, and the Lorex brand name, for the consumer do-it-yourself (DIY) and small business user. The segment serves markets, such as utilities, nuclear power, petrochemical, ports and borders, and commercial and residential.

The Company competes with Axis Communications, Bosch, Hikvision, Dahua, Infinova, Avigilon, Sony, Samsung, Q-see and Panasonic.

OEM & Emerging Markets

The OEM & Emerging Markets segment develops and manufactures thermal and visible spectrum imaging camera cores and related components. A thermal camera core is an integrated, plug-and-play camera system that includes the infrared sensor, as well as the related image processing electronics and an optical lens. The Company offers cooled and uncooled cores that are based on long wave infrared (LWIR), mid-wave infrared (MWIR) and short wave infrared (SWIR) sensors. It also sells to third parties thermal sensors and readout integrated circuit (ROIC) products. The segment serves markets, such as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), mobile and intelligent transportation.

The Company competes with ULIS, DRS, L-3, BAE Systems, Basler, Allied Vision, Seek Thermal, Opgal, Image Sensing Systems, Iteris and Citilog.


The Maritime segment develops and manufactures a range of thermal imaging and marine electronic products for recreational and commercial customers across the world. The segment provides a suite of electronic systems, including multi-function helm displays, navigational instruments, autopilots, radars, sonar systems, thermal and visible imaging systems, and communications equipment. The Company's primary product offering is multifunction navigation displays (MFDs). Its Dragonfly product line addresses the MFD needs of the small-boat recreational fishermen, including kayakers and freshwater bass anglers. The Maritime products are marketed under both the FLIR and Raymarine brands. The segment also integrates MFDs to use and control thermal and visual cameras, onboard entertainment products, engine instruments, and data services, such as satellite weather. Its marine instrument products are dedicated displays and sensors used for monitoring depth, boat speed and wind information. Its sonar solutions are engineered to serve the needs of both the inland and saltwater fishing customers. In addition, the segment also offers autopilot solutions that provide precision steering control for open water passages. The segment serves markets, such as recreational boating and commercial maritime.

The Company competes with Garmin, Navico, Furuno and Humminbird.


The Detection segment develops and manufactures field-ready sensor instruments and integrated platform solutions for the detection, identification, classification and suppression of CBRNE threats for military force protection, homeland security and commercial applications. Detection segment solutions combine multi-threat detection and identification technologies into single hand-held or desktop instruments. Product lines include hand-held and fixed radiation detectors, hand-held and desktop explosives trace detectors, desktop and portable mass spectrometers, and continuous air monitoring devices for aerosolized biological threats and disclosure sprays. The segment also manufactures integrated systems of multiple pieces of equipment to create turnkey solutions used by first responders for the detection, identification, sample collection, decontamination, marking and hazard reporting of CBRNE threats. Its explosives detection products are used to identify military-grade explosives and homemade explosive devices in an array of military and public safety applications, such as screening high-risk individuals at checkpoints and identifying improvised explosive device (IED) makers, and its radiation products protect the public by warning of radionuclide exposure.

The Company competes with Agilent Technologies, Canberra Industries, Safran, SAIC, Smiths Detection, Thermo Fisher Scientific and United Technologies.

27700 SW Parkway Ave

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