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Crawford and Co. (CRD.A) Company Profile

Updated Dec 31, 2019
Crawford and Co. has the following business profile:
Company's Full Name:Crawford and Company
Short Name:Crawford and Co.
Trading Ticker Symbol:CRD.A
Primary Exchange:NYSE
Headquarter City/Country:ATLANTA, GA
Primary Industry Sector:Finance
Seconday Sub-sector:Insurance
Main Business Areas: Finance, Insurance
Dividend Payments:Dividend History

Market and Trading Information for Crawford and Co.

The following details were available for trading and market data about the stock of Crawford and Co. as of writing:
Current Share Price:$11.47
Previous Year's Closing Price:$8.79
Percentage Price Change (YTD):30.49%
Market Cap:$578.8 million
52-week Price Range:$8.11 - $11.9
Dividend Per Share:$0.28
EPS (TTM):0.58
Price-Earnings (Trailing):19.74
Price-Earnings (Forward):14.16

Company Profile and Business Description for Crawford and Co.

Crawford & Company (Crawford), incorporated on May 21, 1943, is an independent provider of claims management solutions to insurance and self-insured entities. The Company's Crawford Solution offers claims services, business process outsourcing and consulting services for various product lines, including property and casualty claims management; workers' compensation claims and medical management, and legal settlement administration. Crawford conducts its operations through four segments: U.S. Services, which primarily serves the property and casualty insurance company markets in the United States; International, which serves the property and casualty insurance company, and self-insurance markets outside the United States; Broadspire, which serves the self-insurance marketplace, primarily in the United States, and Garden City Group, which serves the class action, regulatory, mass tort, bankruptcy and other legal settlement markets, primarily in the United States.


The Company's U.S. Services segment provides claims management services in the United States. The Company provides third-party services to insurance companies, primarily with respect to field investigation, evaluation and resolution of property and casualty insurance claims, and the provision of outsourced managed contractor services. The U.S. Services segment's claims management services are provided to clients pursuant to a range of different referral assignments, which generally are classified by the underlying insured risk categories used by insurance companies, such as Property, which includes losses caused by physical damage to commercial or residential real property and certain types of personal property; Catastrophe, which includes losses caused by various types of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods, and man-made disasters, such as oil spills, chemical releases and explosions; Public Liability, which includes a range of non-automobile liability claims, such as product liability; owners, landlords and tenants liabilities, and general liability, and Automobile, which includes various types of losses involving use of an automobile, including bodily injury, physical damage, medical payments, collision, fire, theft and liability.

The U.S. Services segment consists of four service lines, including U.S. Claims Field Operations, U.S. Technical Services, U.S. Catastrophe Services and U.S. Contractor Connection. Services provided by U.S. Claims Field Operations include property claims management, casualty claims management and vehicle services. The U.S. Technical Services service line services a range of industries, including commercial property, aviation, forensic accounting, marine and transportation, retail, building and construction, and energy. U.S. Catastrophe Services provides independent adjusting resources and temporary services for insurance claims management in response to natural or man-made disasters. As of December 31, 2016, U.S. Contractor Connection had an independently managed contractor network, with approximately 4,800 credentialed residential and commercial contractors.


The Company's International segment offers a range of international claims management services. The International segment derives revenues primarily from property and casualty insurance company markets, with additional revenues from the self-insured markets in the United Kingdom, Canada, Asia-Pacific (which includes Australia and New Zealand, as well as the Middle East and Africa), and Europe and Rest of World (which together consist of continental Europe and Latin America). The International segment also derives revenues from third-party administration services provided under the Broadspire brand.


The Company's Broadspire segment includes the operations of Broadspire Services, Inc., a subsidiary of the Company. Broadspire Services, Inc. is a third-party administrator to employers and insurance companies, offering an integrated approach to workers' compensation, liability claims management, medical management, care management and disability management services in the United States. Through the Broadspire segment, Crawford provides a range of claims and risk management services to clients in the self-insured or commercially insured marketplace. In addition to field investigation and evaluation of claims, the Broadspire segment also offers initial loss reporting services for claimants; loss mitigation services, such as medical bill review, medical case management and vocational rehabilitation; risk management information services, and administration of trust funds established to pay claims.

The Broadspire segment's services are offered through three service lines, including Workers' Compensation, Disability and Liability Claims Management; Medical Management, and Risk Management Information Services. The Workers' Compensation, Disability and Liability Claims Management service line offers an integrated approach to workers' compensation, disability and liability claims management. The Workers' Compensation, Disability, and Liability Claims Management service line offers an integrated approach to workers' compensation, disability, and liability claims management. The Workers' Compensation, Disability, and Liability Claims Management service line also includes Accident and Health claims programs, including affinity-type claims, and disability and leave management services to help employees return to their jobs as soon as possible. The Medical Management service line offers case managers for managing medical treatment while facilitating an understanding of, and participation in, the rehabilitation process. The Risk Management Information Services are provided to the existing client base of the Company through Risk Sciences Group, Inc. (RSG), a subsidiary of the Company. RSG is a risk management information systems software and services company with a history of providing customized risk management solutions to Fortune 1000 companies, insurance carriers, and brokers.

Garden City Group

The Company's Garden City Group, LLC (GCG), a subsidiary of the Company, offers services, including identifying and qualifying class members, handling all written, electronic, and telephonic communications with claimants, and determining and dispensing settlement payments. Such services are generally referred to by the Company as class action services. GCG further provides back-office Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services via its Contact Center located in Dublin, Ohio. GCG provides field-experienced, multi-disciplined and technology-driven teams to support cases or projects with appropriate administrative services and resources. GCG offers solutions in various areas, such as Class Action Services, including administrative services for plaintiff and defense counsel, as well as corporate defendants, and federal and state regulators to expedite class action and regulatory settlements; Bankruptcy Services, including end-to-end solutions for managing the administration of bankruptcy under Chapter 11; GCG Communications, including legal notice programs for case administration, and GCG Solutions, which include BPO services encompassing fulfillment, mail intake, call center and multimedia outreach solutions, payment distribution, and product recall needs.

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