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Comtech Telecommunications (CMTL) Company Profile

Updated Oct 8, 2019
Comtech Telecommunications has the following business profile:
Company's Full Name:Comtech Telecommunications Corp.
Short Name:Comtech Telecommunications
Trading Ticker Symbol:CMTL
Primary Exchange:NASDAQ
Headquarter City/Country:Melville, New York
Primary Industry Sector:Technology
Seconday Sub-sector:Radio TV Broadcasting and Communications Equipment
Main Business Areas: Technology, Radio TV Broadcasting and Communications Equipment, Radio TV Broadcasting, Communication Equipment
Dividend Payments:Dividend History

Market and Trading Information for Comtech Telecommunications

The following details were available for trading and market data about the stock of Comtech Telecommunications as of writing:
Current Share Price:$30.93
Previous Year's Closing Price:$24.34
Percentage Price Change (YTD):27.07%
Market Cap:$769.07 million
52-week Price Range:$20.95 - $36.61
Dividend Per Share:$0.4
EPS (TTM):1.03
Price-Earnings (Trailing):30.03
Price-Earnings (Forward):16.81

Company Profile and Business Description for Comtech Telecommunications

Comtech Telecommunications Corp., incorporated on December 30, 1986, designs, develops, produces and markets products, systems and services for communications solutions. The Company operates through two segments: Commercial Solutions and Government Solutions. The Company offers communications solutions, including command and control technologies, safety and security technologies, and enterprise technologies. The Company serves system and network suppliers in the global satellite, defense, broadcast and aerospace industries, as well as the federal government of the United States, the state and local governments of the United States, and foreign governments.

Commercial Solutions

The Company's Commercial Solutions segment provides satellite communications (such as satellite earth station modems and traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs)), public safety systems and enterprise application technologies (such as messaging and trusted location-based technologies). The Commercial Solutions segment serves commercial customers and smaller government customers. The segment also serves government customers (including the United States government) that have requirements for off-the-shelf commercial equipment.

The Company's Commercial Solutions segment manufactures satellite-based communication equipment. Its satellite-based communication technologies include various products with end-market applications, such as Satellite-Based Cellular Backhaul, including Single Carrier per Channel (SCPC) modems and solid-state amplifiers; New High Throughput Satellites; High Definition and Ultra-High Definition Broadcasting, including Ka-frequency based 500 Watt TWTA, Heights products and SuperPower TWTAs, and In-Flight Connectivity, including amplifier components for in-flight Ku-band connectivity systems.

The Company's safety and security technologies include Wireless/VoIP 911 service for network operators, NextGen 911 and Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet). When someone places an emergency call using one of these technologies, its software, which is utilized by certain telecommunication carriers, can identify the call as an emergency call, accesses the user's location information from the wireless network and routes the call to the assigned public safety jurisdiction.

The Company offers enterprise application technologies, including location-based technology, such as Trusted Location, Look, Indoor Location, text messaging platforms and VirtuMedix. The Company has a range of commercial solutions to help address mapping, routing and geolocation to help reduce cybercrime and fraud, as well as enhance public safety. Its Trusted Location product is a software-based scoring system that allows providers to determine mobile location and identify fraudulent behavior (including location spoofing) and other security risks, such as risks arising from mobile-based financial transactions. Its Look4 application allows customers to build their own applications that include the Company's location-based technology. Look4 allows enterprise customers to offer their end-customers functionality, such as maps, search, geocoding, routing and navigation using their brand. Its Indoor Location solution enables the determination of a cell phone user's geospatial position in environments where Global Positioning System (GPS), global navigation satellite systems and cellular technologies do not work (such as office buildings). Its platform is used to provide Connected Car connectivity. Its text messaging platforms are used by wireless carriers to provide short message service (SMS) to their end-customers and are also used to communicate with 911 public safety answering points (PSAPs) through network operators. The VirtuMedix product is a digital health platform, which connects patients and providers to enable virtual healthcare.

The Company competes with Airbus DS Communications, Advantech Wireless Inc., CalAmp Corp., Honeywell, Inc., Comverse Technology Inc., CPI International, Inc., Datum Systems, Inc., 8x8 Inc., Emergency CallWorks, Ericsson LM Telephone Co., Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd., Gogo Inc., Google Inc., Harris Corporation, iDirect, Inc., Intermap Technologies Corp., Iridium Communications Inc., KVH Industries Inc., Newtec, Nokia Networks, NovelSat, Orbcomm, Inc., Teledyne Corporation, Solacom Technologies Inc., Telenav, Inc., ViaSat, Inc., West Corporation and Xura, Inc.

Government Solutions

The Company's Government Solutions segment provides command and control applications (such as the design; installation and operation of data networks that integrate computing and communications, including both satellite and terrestrial links); ongoing network operation and management support services (including telecom expense management; project management and fielding and maintenance solutions related to satellite ground terminals); troposcatter communications (such as digital troposcatter multiplexers, digital over-the-horizon modems, troposcatter systems and frequency converter systems), and radio frequency (RF) power and switching technologies (such as solid-state high-power broadband amplifiers, enhanced position location reporting system (EPLRS) amplifier assemblies, identification friend or foe (IFF) amplifiers and amplifiers used in the counteraction of improvised explosive devices). The segment serves large government end users (including those of foreign countries).

The Government Solutions segment offers command and control technologies, such as C4ISR, including tactical communications, managed networks, logistics and end-to-end integration; cyber intelligence solution, including cyber security training and computer network operations, and mobile data communications, including satellite-based mobile communications and tracking systems. Its troposcatter technologies include over-the-horizon microwave systems, including equipment and systems that can transmit digitized voice, video and data over unfriendly or inaccessible terrain over distances from 20 to 200 miles using the troposphere. Its RF power and switching technologies include solid state high power broadband amplifiers designed for radar, electronic warfare, jamming, medical and aviation applications.

The Company competes with Aethercomm, Inc., CACI International Inc., CalAmp Corp., Computer Sciences Corporation, HEICO Corp., E2V Technologies Ltd., Empower RF Systems, Inc., General Dynamics Corporation, Harris Corporation, L-3 Communications Holdings Inc., Mercury Systems, Inc., NeuStar, Inc., The KEYW Holding Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Orbital ATK, Inc., Teledyne Technologies, Ultra Electronics Holdings PLC and ViaSat, Inc.

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