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Cantel Medical (CMD) Company Profile

Updated Dec 2, 2019
Cantel Medical has the following business profile:
Company's Full Name:Cantel Medical Corp.
Short Name:Cantel Medical
Trading Ticker Symbol:CMD
Primary Exchange:NYSE
Headquarter City/Country:New Jersey, NJ
Primary Industry Sector:Health Care
Seconday Sub-sector:Medical Dental Instruments
Main Business Areas: Health Care, Medical Dental Instruments, Medical Instruments & Supplies
Dividend Payments:Dividend History

Market and Trading Information for Cantel Medical

The following details were available for trading and market data about the stock of Cantel Medical as of writing:
Current Share Price:$77.71
Previous Year's Closing Price:$74.45
Percentage Price Change (YTD):4.38%
Market Cap:$3.31 billion
52-week Price Range:$63.47 - $93.87
Dividend Per Share:$0.2
EPS (TTM):1.32
Price-Earnings (Trailing):58.92
Price-Earnings (Forward):23.62

Company Profile and Business Description for Cantel Medical

Cantel Medical Corp., incorporated on August 16, 1963, is a provider of infection prevention products and services in the healthcare market. The Company's operating segments include Endoscopy; Water Purification and Filtration; Healthcare Disposables, and Dialysis. Its Endoscopy segment includes medical device reprocessing systems, disinfectants, detergents and other supplies. The Company's Water Purification and Filtration segment includes water purification equipment and services, filtration and separation products, and disinfectant, sterilization and decontamination products and services. Its Healthcare Disposables segment includes single-use, infection prevention and control healthcare products. The Company's Dialysis segment includes medical device reprocessing systems, sterilants/disinfectants, dialysate concentrates and other supplies for renal dialysis.


The Company's Endoscopy segment provides infection prevention solutions through MEDIVATORS branded products and services in two critical areas, such as endoscope reprocessing and endoscopy procedure products. Its endoscope reprocessing products include a range of endoscope reprocessing systems, high-level disinfectants and sterilants, detergents, leak testing and manual cleaning products, storage cabinets, endoscope reprocessing electronic tracking, as well as related consumables, accessories and supplies. Its endoscopy procedure products include carbon dioxide (CO2) and water irrigation pumps and disposable procedure kits, sterile irrigation tubing and single-use valves. In addition, its product portfolio includes short-term and long-term endoscope transport and storage systems, a range of endoscopy consumable accessories, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) mobile medical carts, as well as other specialized medical and hospital products for patient warming and patient transfer.

The Company's AmplifEYE endoscopic device is a disposable product designed to improve adenoma detection rates. The Company's Medivators endoscope reprocessing product portfolio represents an offering of capital equipment, chemistries, consumables and services that are used to pre-clean, leak test, clean, disinfect, store and electronically track flexible endoscopes from the point of removal from a patient through utilization in the next patient procedure. Its products include automated endoscope reprocessors (AERs) and high-level disinfectant chemistries, which together disinfect endoscopes. In addition to reprocessors, its Medivators endoscope reprocessing product line includes endoscope leak detection device, endoscope flushing device, detergents and wipes, storage and drying cabinets, and endoscope tracking.

The Company's endoscopy procedure products include sterile disposable air/water, suction and biopsy valves, CO2 and irrigation pumps, irrigation tubing, polyp traps, procedure kits, procedure room accessories, and rinse and insufflation tubing products. Its products also include DEFENDO sterile disposable valves, ENDOGATOR disposable gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy irrigation tubing and the ENDO SMARTCAP disposable sterile water bottle adaptor, all of which are utilized during flexible endoscopy procedures. In addition, it offers a range of endoscopy accessories, including CLEANASCOPE, a short-term endoscope storage and transport system, and the SURESTORE, which is a long-term endoscope storage and transport system.

Water Purification and Filtration

The Company designs, develops, manufactures, sells, installs and services water purification systems and accessories for dialysis and other specific healthcare applications, research laboratories and pharmaceutical, beverage and commercial industrial customers. Its equipment line for high purity water includes systems that utilize either chemical or heat disinfection to sanitize the equipment. Its HX product line provides total heat disinfection of the entire water purification system and water distribution loop. It also offers deionization tanks and specific equipment designed to support the life sciences and industrial markets, including peripheral equipment, such as carts, bicarbonate and acid delivery systems with central and single mix distribution units, and concentrate systems with central concentrate holding tanks. It also has a full line of equipment designed for the commercial United States Pharmacopeia (USP) purified water market, which includes its 2200L and 4400L integrated water systems. Its product line also includes the VPURE 4400H, LSX and USPure platform systems.

The Company offers a range of filters utilizing hollow fiber membrane technology. Its filters are sold under the FIBERFLO capsule filters and FIBERFLO cartridge filters names. The Company also offers the POSICLEAR pleated filter for hemodialysis water filtration. Its filters are used in various applications, including the filtering of ultrapure water to remove bacteria and other contaminants in medical environments to provide protection for patients undergoing treatments that use ultrapure water. Its FIBERFLO filters are also used in a range of industries, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, food and beverage processing, cosmetic manufacturing and electronics manufacturing.

The Company's other products include microfiber and flat sheet membrane prefiltration products designed to protect the FIBERFLO filter products and prolong their life in their intended applications. FIBERFLO filter products are sold directly and through various third-party distributors in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and other international markets. Its therapeutic filtration products are extracorporeal filters that utilize its hollow fiber membrane technology. These filters include hemoconcentrators, hemofilters and specialty filters utilized for therapeutic medical applications. It also offers a line of RENAFLO II hemofilters. MINNCARE cold sterilant is a liquid sterilant product used to sanitize and disinfect high-purity water systems.

Healthcare Disposables

The Company offers a range of core disposable products, comprising various categories of merchandise, including face masks, sterilization pouches, biological monitoring systems and integrators/indicators, towels and bibs, tray covers, saliva ejectors and evacuators, germicidal wipes, plastic cups, surface barriers, disinfectants and cleaners, hand care products, gloves, prophy angles and prophy pastes, cotton products, needles and syringes, scalpels and blades, fluoride trays and gels, and filter cartridge systems for waterlines. The Company's sterility assurance business offers both mail-in services and in-office biological monitoring (spore test) systems enabling healthcare professionals to verify the performance of their sterilizers in accordance with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and industry guidelines for daily or weekly testing.

The Company's other healthcare disposable products include its SURE-CHECK sterilization pouches and COMFORT PLUS saliva ejectors. SURE-CHECK sterilization pouches are self-sealing pouches with a multi-variable (parameter) chemical indicator ink printed on the pouch both internally and externally. Its healthcare disposable products are sold across the globe to approximately 350 wholesale customers in over 100 countries, with a significant majority located in the United States.


The Company designs, develops, manufactures and sells reprocessing systems and sterilants for dialyzers, as well as dialysate concentrates and supplies utilized for renal dialysis. Its products are sold in the United States and throughout the world. The Company's dialyzer reprocessing products include the RENATRON II automated dialyzer reprocessing system (RENATRON system), the RENALOG RM data management system and RENALIN 100 cold sterilant, a peracetic acid-based sterilant. The RENATRON system provides an automated method of rinsing, cleaning, testing and sterilizing dialyzers for reuse. The RENATRON system includes a bar-code reader, a computer and the RENALOG RM data management system, a software accessory that provides dialysis centers with automated record keeping and data analysis solutions. Its RENALIN 100 cold sterilant is a dialyzer reprocessing solution in the United States.

The Company sells a range of dialysis supplies manufactured by third-parties. Its Dialysis segment offers various preventative maintenance programs and repair services to support the operation of reprocessing systems over their lifetime. Its field service personnel, dialysis center technicians and international third-party distributors install, maintain, upgrade, repair and troubleshoot equipment. Its renal dialysis treatment products include a line of acid and bicarbonate concentrates, referred to as dialysate concentrates, used by kidney dialysis centers to prepare dialysate, a chemical solution that draws waste products from the patient's blood through a dialyzer membrane during the hemodialysis treatment.

The Company competes with Steris, Olympus, Johnson & Johnson, Metrex, Ruhof, Ecolab, Fresenius Medical Care, Endo Choice, ERBE, Getinge, Halyard Health, Wassenburg, 3M, Danaher, Dentsply, Danaher, Baxter and B. Braun.

150 Clove Rd

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