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Need specific data, but don't wanna sign-up for long periods? FKnol has you covered. Use the no-nonsense, easy & direct data download on Pay-Only-for-what-You-Need basis.
No monthly subscriptions & no recurring payments! Just pay one-time cost in your local currency & get the desired data Spreadsheet/Excel files delivered to your mailbox.
In FKnol records, there are a Total of '499 Stocks' of 'SP 500 Index' category, belonging to the 'US' market.

You spend High $$$ on trading & investing costs. It is worth spending a few cents (¢) on key info & data.

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No. of Stocks: 499
Original Cost: $14.99

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Total Cost: Only $7.99
Only 1.6 Cents per Stocks

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Data File will have 11 Data-points for each 499 Stocks (Random Sample):

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