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Need specific data, but don't wanna sign-up for long periods? FKnol has you covered. Use the no-nonsense, easy & direct data download on Pay-Only-for-what-You-Need basis.
No monthly subscriptions & no recurring payments! Just pay one-time cost in your local currency & get the desired data Spreadsheet/Excel files delivered to your mailbox.
In FKnol records, there are a Total of '18 Stocks' of 'Thermal Energy' category, belonging to the 'AU' market.
You may take ALL 18, or Select a lower count of Stocks for your file, arranged by the parameter of your choice. Lower count will lower the cost.

Step 1: Confirm/Customize File Download

I need a file containing
Top Stocks
of 'AU Thermal Energy' category, starting with/arranged by
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 Your Selected List: File having '18 Stocks' of 'Thermal Energy' category, listed first by 'Highest MarketCap', belonging to the 'AU' market.
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Step 2: Make Payment

No. of Stocks: 18
Total Cost: AU$5.99
Only 33.28 Cents per Stocks

Data File will have 11 Data-points for each 18 Stocks (Random Sample):

By paying, the user agrees to the following:

Price Calculator

FKnol offers data files based on number of stocks a user chooses to download. To keep the cost minimal, FKnol follows a "staggered" price plan, which means the more stocks one chooses to download, the lower the per stock cost.
Refer to the table below. For example, if someone chooses to download 250 stocks, they will be charged at 6 cents for first 49 stocks, 5 cents for next 50 (50 to 99), 4 cents for next 100 (100 to 199), and finally 2 cents for 200 to 250th stock.
Stocks CountCost Per Stock
1-49 6 cents per stock
50-995 cents per stock
100-1994 cents per stock
200-2992 cents per stock
300-5091 cents per stock
510-9990.9 cents per stock
1000-19990.7 cents per stock
Above 20000.5 cents per stock
Cost subject to minimum charge of USD $3.99 per download. Non-USD costs depends upon the forex conversion rates as applicable, and subject to respective minimum charge in that particular currency.