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Notification: FKnol will be shortly making Login & Registration mandatory. Here's the How & Why.

Why FKnol is Making Login/Registration Mandatory?

FKnol has been completely free for its users since last 7 years. It has also been completely free of any access barriers, like there was no need for login/password.
However, due to constant bot attacks and unauthorized access, the servers are getting hit leading to high resource usage. This is forcing us to move to higher resource webhosting, and also needs making login mandatory.

What is changing?
Going forward, for most of the markets, except for the first page of the stock lists, all the list pages of FKnol.com will be accessible only after login (and one-time sign-up).
For certain high traffic markets, the entire country section, including the first page(s) will be accessible only after login.

Why is FKnol making Login mandatory?
FKnol has been completely free for its users since last 7 years.
Making Login mandatory is an attempt to block the automated attacks and bot hits, which try to steal the information in an unauthorized manner and lead to website downtime.

What are the benefits of registration?

Benefits of Registration

No Registration

  - Access FULL List of ALL the Stocks/ETFs/etc.
  - LIMITED Access ONLY 1st Page of Stocks List
  - More Stocks displayed per page (minimum 100 per page)
  - Only 15, 20 or 25 stocks displayed
  - No Advertisements, Only Stock Lists
  - In-article Advertisements
  - No Lengthy Introduction, Directly access the Stock List
  - Scroll through introductions, before reaching actual Stock List
  - Easy Sort feature based on available data points (Market-Cap, Stock Price, PE, EPS, etc.)
  - Sorting not available
  - Discounted Price on Select Data Download, compared to non-registered Data Download
  - Higher cost for Data Download

What parts of FKnol will be login-free and what will be accessible only via login?
Despite login functionality being implemented, FKnol is still keeping maximum content as login-free for its users.
As for the start, the best performing stocks lists, the next month investable stock lists, and the first page of the stock/ETF lists will still be login-free. The second page onwards, or the pages which have content sorted on user-desired columns (like PE-ratio, EPS, Stock Price, etc.) will be accessible only via login.
However, in certain cases, for high-traffic markets, all the pages of that specific market will be accessible only through login. The basis of selecting such markets is the number of visits/traffic we receive for those market's data content, the advertisement revenue we make from those market's web-pages, and the automated bot attacks that happen for those web-pages. Users from certain regions are also found to be using special ad-blocking programs and ad-blocking browsers to access the site. Such regions will see login being made mandatory.

Will the login be a paid feature?
We've not been making even bare minimum money from the advertisements that we've tried sporadically. We are seeing extremely high traffic from users of certain countries, without there being any contribution to the ad revenues for those countries data content.
On the other hand, the webhosting costs and resources costs have increased over the period of last 7 years. Add to it the current inflationary scenario, we have considerable costs to pay, which is forcing us to TEMPORARILY make the login a paid feature.
With as little as 33 dollar cents per day, one can gain access to ad-free, fast-loading, sortable stock/ETF lists. That's less than the price of a Coffee or Beer! 🍺.
Essentially, this will be a "freemium" model where the users get access to most of the sections as free, and pay for the rest.

What's the justification for paid login?
Individual users spend a lot of money in trading or investing in stocks, futures, options and other securities in the form of transaction costs. Data and content forms the foundation and the most important aspect of any trading and investment decision taken by any individual. If our esteemed users can support us with a monetary contribution (which is only a fraction of other trading costs), it will help us continue to provide the users will detailed data and content. After all, we have been doing it for free for the last 7+ years.
Once the economic situation stabilizes, we will consider making the whole site all sections completely free for its users (like earlier.) We've been serving free content to our users for seven plus years now. During this challenging transitionary period, we expect monetary support from our users in the form of paid login subscription, to keep this portal alive.

How long will the login be paid, and when will FKnol return to free?
We expect to return to completely free access as soon as we can. We expect to have this paid login on the site for around a year.
Our subscription costs remain the lowest among similar content providers.

What is the expectation of FKnol from its users?
FKnol has been completely free for its users since last 7 years. As the operating costs have increased, free model is no longer viable amid inflationary situation. We expect paid support from our users to keep this portal alive during this transition period.
With as little as 33 cents per day, our subscription costs are the lowest. That's less than the price of a Coffee or Beer! 🍺.
Include the last 7 years of free access, and the trust we've built for our userbase.