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Dividend Calendar for U.S Stocks, ETFs and Funds

Updated Aug 11, 2023
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List of Stocks Going Ex-dividend on Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The following stocks have their ex-dividend date on Wednesday, September 20, 2023. Ex-dividend date is the date on which the dividend expires, hence the name 'ex'. Investors who hold the stock BEFORE the ex-dividend date are eligible to receive the dividend. Put another way, investors who purchase the stock ON or AFTER the ex-dividend date do NOT get the dividend.
Name (Ticker)
Pay Date
Babson Global Short Duration High Yield Fund (BGH)$0.105621-Sep-202302-Oct-2023Dividend History
Gladstone Investment (GAIN)$0.080021-Sep-202329-Sep-2023Dividend History
Gladstone Capital (GLAD)$0.082521-Sep-202329-Sep-2023Dividend History
Gladstone Commercial (GOOD)$0.100021-Sep-202329-Sep-2023Dividend History
Gladstone Commercial Corporatio (GOODO)$0.125021-Sep-202329-Sep-2023Dividend History
Gladstone Land (LAND)$0.046221-Sep-202329-Sep-2023Dividend History
Gladstone Land Corporation - 5. (LANDM)$0.104221-Sep-202329-Sep-2023
Gladstone Land Corporation - 6. (LANDO)$0.125021-Sep-202329-Sep-2023
Gladstone Land (LANDP)$0.125021-Sep-202329-Sep-2023Dividend History
LTC Properties (LTC)$0.190021-Sep-202329-Sep-2023Dividend History
Omnicom (OMC)$0.700021-Sep-202312-Oct-2023Dividend History
FKnol maintains a limited record of dividends paid by various comapnies and funds. It is possible that some dividends may be missing in FKnol records. It is recommended to verify the details from the investor's section of the official company websites, or the exchange websites for precise information.

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