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Stocks List with Piercing Line Candlesticks Formation Today

Updated Jan 21, 2021
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Piercing Line Candlesticks Stocks

Latest date when piercing line candles were formed for any of the stocks was on Wed, Jan 20, 2021. Formation applicable for price movement from Thu, Jan 21, 2021 onwards.
The following list covers the stocks which have formed the piercing line candlestick patterns on their respective price charts as of writing. The Piercing Line is a much-awaited candlestick pattern that is closely followed by active traders as it is indicative of a strong reversal pattern to the upside. When formed on a downward move, it leads to a strong indication for reversal of prices - that is, if formed on a downtrend it mostly leads to a rise in stock prices in near future. While the piercing line pattern is constructed by two adjacent candles, a few traders may also like to wait for a third candle (confirmation) to be formed to fully confirm the change in trend. The first candle is a long, red-colored, non-doji bearish candle. The second candle is a green-colored, bullish, non-doji candle, such that the close of the second candle is located somewhere in the range of the first candle's upper half body. The open price of the second candle can be lower than or equal to the prior candle's low price. It usually signals a clear indication that a strong reversal may be coming soon to move the prices upwards. See tutorial with live examples on How to Trade Piercing Line Candlestick (with example).

This article provides a list of all the recent instances (in reverse chronological order) of stocks which formed the piercing line candlestick pattern.
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1) On Wednesday, Jan 20, 2021, the stock price of Public Utilities sector based Verizon Communications (VZ) stock formed the following Piercing Line Candlestick pattern:

DayOpenCloseBody Length
Previous Day's$57.44$57.05$0.39
Today to Previous Day's Body Length Factor:0.64


See full details and past history of Piercing Line Candlesticks for Verizon Communications (VZ)

Above mentioned Piercing Line Candlesticks were formed by Stocks as of latest available date of Wed, Jan 20, 2021. Check for similar candlestick formations on other dates using the below screener:
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