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Agriculture Products Stocks List Australia 2022 (ASX)

Updated Aug 1, 2022
This article presents the list of the Australian companies which are categorized under the Agriculture Products subsector or have business operations under this segment, and whose shares are publicly listed on the Australian stock exchanges (ASX).

There are a total of 26 company stocks in FKnol records which have business operations in the Agriculture Products segment. Explore the full list as follows.
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Top Performing Agriculture Products StocksAll Agriculture Products Stocks

Performance of Agriculture Products Stocks of Australia

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Company (Ticker)
Market Cap
%YTD Gains
Company DescriptionStock Price
Price Range
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1) Angel Seafood (AS1)$31.9 million18.18%Angel Seafood Holdings Limited produces, manufactures, markets, and sells organic and sustainable oysters in Australia. The company also exports its products. A...See Company Profile$0.1950$0.12
2) Australian Agricultural Co (AAC)$1.11 billion69.09%Australian Agricultural Company Limited produces and sells cattle and beef in Australia. The company engages in owning, operating, and developing pastoral prope...See Company Profile$1.86$1.36
3) Australian Agricultural Projects (AAP)$7.93 million8.33%Australian Agricultural Projects Ltd operates and manages olive groves located in Boort, Victoria. It also produces and sells extra virgin olive oil. The compan...See Company Profile$0.0260$0.02
4) Clean Seas Seafood (CSS)$90.96 million-33.73%Clean Seas Seafood Limited operates in the aquaculture industry in Australia and internationally. It operates in two segments, Finfish Sales and Tuna Operations...See Company Profile$0.5500$0.44
5) Costa Group (CGC)$1.18 billion-37.75%Costa Group Holdings Limited produces, packs, and markets fruits and vegetables to food retailers. The company operates through three segments: Produce, Costa F...See Company Profile$2.54$2.45
6) Duxton Broadacre Farms (DBF)$80.06 million40.29%Duxton Broadacre Farms Limited primarily engages in the sowing and harvesting of dryland and irrigated crops in Australia. The company is also involved in the i...See Company Profile$1.92$1.40
7) EAST33 LTD FPO (E33)$12.49 million0%...See Company Profile$0.0450$0.02
8) Elders (ELD)$1.84 billion19.17%Elders Limited provides livestock, real estate, and wool agency services to rural and regional customers primarily in Australia. It operates through Network, Fe...See Company Profile$11.75$10.73
9) Farm Pride Foods (FRM)$9.11 million-25%Farm Pride Foods Limited produces, processes, manufactures, and sells egg and egg products in Australia. The company offers free range, pink, and farm fresh egg...See Company Profile$0.1650$0.11
10) Graincorp (GNC)$1.9 billion103.1%GrainCorp Limited operates as a food ingredients and agribusiness company in Australasia, Asia, North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and intern...See Company Profile$8.51$5.22
11) Inghams Group (ING)$1.07 billion-7.37%Inghams Group Limited, together with its subsidiaries, produces and sells poultry products in Australia and New Zealand. It offers chicken and turkey products; ...See Company Profile$2.89$2.50
12) LYNCHGROUP FPO (LGL)$262.44 million0%Lynch Group Holdings Limited operates as a grower, wholesaler, retailer, and importer of flowers and potted plants in Australia and China. The companys...See Company Profile$2.15$1.84
13) Murray Cod Australia (MCA)$126.27 million-10.81%Murray Cod Australia Limited, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the breeding, growing, and marketing of Murray Cod fish in Australia. The company also ...See Company Profile$0.1650$0.14
14) Murray River Organics (MRG)$10.81 million2350%Murray River Organics Group Limited produces, markets, and sells organic and natural food products primarily in Australia. Its products include dried vine fruit...See Company Profile$0.2450$0.18
15) Namoi Cotton (NAM)$79.17 million55.93%Namoi Cotton Limited, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the ginning and marketing of cotton in Australia and Asia. The company operates 12 cotton gins ...See Company Profile$0.4600$0.37

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Top Performing Agriculture Products StocksAll Agriculture Products Stocks

ASX Stocks Sector-wise Stock Screener

This page is updated every week/month. Bookmark this site to track the best performing stocks regularly.

All prices are mentioned in Australian dollars (AUD) currency, unless the given financial security trades in any other currency. These stocks usually trade on Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), which is the primary securities exchange of Australia.
It is possible that there may be a few more stocks that belong to the Agriculture Products subsector or category, and may be missing from the above list. FKnol maintains a limited number of record of stocks, and E&OE.

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