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Australian Stocks with Bullish Harami Cross Candlestick Charts Formation Today

Updated Nov 30, 2021 EOD
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This article provides a list of all the recent instances when the stocks or indices of the Australian stock market of ASX formed the 'Bullish Harami Cross' candlestick chart patterns.
Similar to the bullish harami, the bullish harami cross candlestick is formed as a two line pattern - that is, two continous back-to-back candles are required to form the bullish harami cross candlestick chart pattern. The first candle (called the mother candle) is considerably larger in size and is red in color - that is, its a bearish candle which has its open price higher than the close price. The second candle that follows (called the baby candle) is usually a doji candle which has its open and close price exactly the same, or with a very little difference between the two prices. In the latter case, the baby candle is green in color - that is, it has its open price lower than its closing price and is a bullish candle. The word 'harami' in Japanese language means 'pregnant woman', and hence this two-candle setup comprising of one large and another small one is called 'Harami candlestick chart pattern' indicating a mother carrying a baby sort of a figure. Additionally, the baby candle's body needs to be completely engulfed within the mother's body. Formation of such a bullish harami cross pattern during a downtrend when accompanied by a range breakout (like on upper Bollinger band or on the 200-DMA trend-line) indicates a strong sign of reversal to an upward price move. Compared to the standard bullish harami pattern, the bullish harami cross candlestick chart pattern is considered to be much stronger reversal pattern.
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Bullish Harami Cross Candlestick Chart Patterns

The following are the most recent instances when the price/value of Australian stocks formed the various candlestick chart patterns on their respective price charts.

1) On Tuesday, Nov 30, 2021, ASX 50 (ASX 50) price formed the following Bullish Harami Cross Candlestick chart pattern on the price chart:
DayOpenCloseBody Length
Previous Day'sAU$6,968.30AU$6,921.30AU$47.00
Today to Previous Day's Body Length Factor:0.01

AU$6,922.00 ~= AU$6,921.30
The S&P-ASX 50 Index is a stock market index of Australian stocks listed on the Australian Securities Exchange from Standard & Poor's. It is a part of the S&P Global 1200....see full detailed Company Profile of ASX 50 (ASX 50).
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