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QAD (QADB) Company Profile

Updated Jun 3, 2019
QAD has the following business profile:
Company's Full Name:QAD Inc.
Short Name:QAD
Trading Ticker Symbol:QADB
Primary Exchange:NASDAQ
Headquarter City/Country:California, CA
Primary Industry Sector:Technology
Seconday Sub-sector:Computer Software-Prepackaged Software
Main Business Areas: Technology, Computer Software-Prepackaged Software, Application Software, Software
Dividend Payments:Dividend History

Market and Trading Information for QAD

The following details were available for trading and market data about the stock of QAD as of writing:
Current Share Price:$30.46
Previous Year's Closing Price:$29.51
Percentage Price Change (YTD):3.22%
Market Cap:$752.3 million
52-week Price Range:$28.35 - $49.4
Dividend Per Share:$0.24
EPS (TTM):0.28
Price-Earnings (Trailing):109.57
Price-Earnings (Forward):276.91

Company Profile and Business Description for QAD

QAD Inc. (QAD), incorporated on May 15, 1997, is a provider of vertically oriented enterprise software solutions for global manufacturing companies across the automotive, life sciences, consumer products, food and beverage, high technology and industrial products industries. QAD Enterprise Applications enables measurement and control of business processes and supports operational requirements, including financials, manufacturing, demand and supply chain planning, customer management, business intelligence and business process management. QAD delivers components of its solution for a range of mobile platforms. The Company's mobile suite includes a requisition approval solution, a mobile business intelligence solution, mobile browse capability and mobile application monitoring tools to support system administrators. Its mobile browse capability allows users to view, filter and sort data accessible through QAD Browses within QAD Enterprise Applications using mobile devices. The Channel Islands user interface (UI) delivered through the Channel Islands program provides access to QAD Enterprise Applications on mobile devices.

The Company has integrated the ability to generate business process maps for common business processes into its software using the QAD Process Editor tool. This tool simplifies implementations, maps common business processes and facilitates navigation throughout the entire product suite. Within its suite, the Company also has embedded business process management (QAD BPM). QAD BPM allows customers to visualize their business processes; monitor transactional throughput by user, role or-stage, and modify those processes. Using QAD BPM, companies can create business process models, assign task responsibilities and automate workflow. QAD solutions also integrate with other Web applications and Web services. Using its Q-Xtend toolset, customers can connect to different softwares, even when remote, and they can use middleware products, such as the IBM MQ series or the standard connectors built on the Dell BOOMI AtomSphere integration platform. QAD resells Dell Boomi as QAD Boomi AtomSphere for integration between QAD Cloud ERP and third-party cloud applications.

QAD Enterprise Applications

The Company's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite, QAD Enterprise Applications, is an integrated suite of software applications, which supports the business processes of global manufacturing companies, providing specific functionality to support the requirements of its focused industries and the geographies its customers conduct business in. QAD Enterprise Applications allow customers to monitor, control and support their operations, whether operating a single plant or multiple sites.

QAD Enterprise Applications addresses global complexities in customers' business models, such as compliance with local accounting practices and legislation, as well as internal reporting on global performance. QAD Enterprise Applications includes support for multiple currencies, multiple languages and has a framework to allow for complex corporate structures, such as multiple companies or divisions. QAD Enterprise Applications is available on premise, in the cloud as QAD Cloud ERP and under a blended model combining both of these deployment alternatives. QAD Enterprise Applications consist of software suites, including QAD Financials, QAD Customer Management, QAD Manufacturing, QAD Demand and Supply Chain Planning, QAD Supply Chain Execution, QAD Transportation Management, QAD Service and Support, QAD Enterprise Asset Management, QAD Analytics, QAD Enterprise Quality Management, QAD Interoperability and QAD Internationalization.

QAD Financials provides capabilities to manage and control finance and accounting processes at a local, regional and global level. The suite supports multi-company, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-tax jurisdictions, as well as consolidated reporting and budgeting controls. These capabilities give cross-functional stakeholders access to financial reports. Enterprise Financials includes International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Multi-Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (Multi-GAAP) support, as well as local tax capture, reporting capabilities and segregation of duties enforcement.

QAD Customer Management enables global manufacturing companies to acquire customers, grow revenue through multiple channels and retain customers through service and support. QAD Customer Management helps its customers measure the efficacy of marketing campaigns, manage the sales opportunity lifecycle, and optimize order and fulfillment processes. Additionally, QAD Customer Management helps the customers anticipate their customer demand and improve retention though multiple service channels and the Customer Self Service module. QAD Configurator has the ability to create products to customer requirements, enabling controls for mass customization of products. The suite includes the ability to enter orders centrally, including orders for configured items, and to ship the items from any facility or business entity. QAD Customer Self Service provides a Web storefront for its customers to transact sales, which is integrated with the rest of QAD Enterprise Applications.

QAD Manufacturing delivers capabilities to support manufacturing business processes, from planning through execution, and provides visibility and control of materials. The suite has capabilities in the areas of planning and scheduling, cost management, material control, shop floor control, quality management and reporting in various mixed-mode manufacturing environments. The manufacturing models supported include Discrete, Repetitive, Kanban (token-based visual control particularly relevant when embracing lean manufacturing practices), Flow, Batch/Formula, Process, Co-products/By-products and Configured Products manufacturing environments. The system also includes flexible item attributes that customers can use to track lot characteristics or test results. The Lot Trace Workbench provides insight into any products component genealogy and simplifies product recalls.

QAD Demand and Supply Chain Planning (QAD DSCP) is a group of applications built on a single unified model to fulfill the materials planning and logistics requirements of global companies. QAD DSCP is supported and developed by the DynaSys operating division. The suite utilizes the DynaSys Single Click Collaborative platform, with the entire planning model running in a memory-resident database supporting real-time planning. The suite supports planning for demand, production, procurement, distribution and global sales and operations planning. QAD Demand and Supply Chain Planning address both simple and complex networks.

QAD's Supply Chain Execution suite includes tools to support inventory and warehouse management in simple or complex warehousing environments. QAD Warehousing supports complex warehouse-management techniques, such as bulk, batch and wave picking, as well as multiple put away methods, including calculations based on required space. It manages reusable packaging and containers to help eliminate waste and reduce costs. Additionally, QAD Enterprise Applications manages consignment inventory for both consignors and consignees, and supports strategic sourcing and purchasing. The system manages distribution requirements planning to optimize and balance inventories at multiple distribution centers to enable fulfilling demand for customers in various regions. QAD also offers QAD Supplier Portal and QAD EDI for facilitation of communication and collaboration with members of a supply chain.

QAD markets transportation solutions directly to the existing customers as part of QAD Enterprise Applications, and to the general market through its Precision division. QAD Transportation Management facilitates correct documents and control for moving shipments across borders. Transportation Management allows companies to manage and optimize outside carriers for shipments of various sizes, including parcel, less than truckload, full truckload and container whether using land, sea or air carriers.

QAD Service and Support enables after-sale customer service and support for companies that commission and support complex systems. The integration from customer demand through manufacturing to installation and support affords companies in managing their business processes. QAD Service and Support handles service calls, manages service queues and organizes mobile field resources to promote customer satisfaction. It also provides project management support, helping organizations track materials and labor against warranty and service work, compare actual costs to budget and generate appropriate invoicing.

QAD Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) helps companies manage maintenance and installation of capital equipment. The solution supports both planned and unplanned equipment maintenance based on elapsed time or completed quantities. It includes the ability to track calibrations, labor and required parts used for maintenance. In addition, it has project accounting capabilities to plan, track and control detailed project budget and spending data for capital expense projects, such as refits or building and commissioning new plants. EAM also includes functionality to manage rotable (renewable) inventory. EAM functionality helps manufacturers achieve a balance between having the right equipment available and minimizing their equipment investment. It ensures spare parts are on hand as needed and monitors company expense and approval policies with regard to capital plant and equipment.

QAD Enterprise Applications provides decision makers and company stakeholders with data to measure performance against company and strategic goals. QAD Analytics helps customers perform analyses, make informed decisions and improve performance management by highlighting areas that need improvement and enabling drill down to source data. The QAD Analytics suite consists of multiple analysis and data extraction tools working in harmony to provide user-defined analysis, such as consolidated reporting or reporting by geography, product line or cost center. The suite consists of QAD Reporting Framework, which provides reporting and real-time visibility with ad hoc inquiries; Operational Metrics, which enables companies to define and monitor performance indicators using data tracked within the system, and QAD Business Intelligence, which allows for dynamic analysis and trend reporting across multiple data sources. With Mobile Framework, customers can also access QAD Business Intelligence using mobile devices. Additionally, the Company offers a mobile browse function that allows users to view, filter and sort all data accessible to QAD Browses within QAD Enterprise Applications using mobile devices.

QAD provides enterprise-class quality management and regulatory compliance solutions to global companies in market segments, including QAD's target markets. In the automotive vertical, QAD's solution delivers automation of Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) methodologies, including Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), process flow and approvals. In the life sciences vertical, customers benefit from critical functionality supporting Corrective and Preventative Action and Non-Conformance Reporting. The suite also features manufacturing solutions for audit, risk management, document control, gage calibration, inspection and statistical process control. The CEBOS division supports and develops QAD's Enterprise Quality Management suite.

QAD Enterprise Applications uses a services-oriented architecture, allowing customers to integrate QAD Enterprise Applications with other non-QAD core business applications. Through the QAD Q-Xtend toolset, the Company promotes open interoperability, with application program interfaces (APIs) and published events. These offer QAD customers a choice of solutions in their software environments. In addition, the Company resells the Dell BOOMI integration platform as QAD Boomi AtomSphere. This provides a platform for managing integrations to a cloud and on premise products. QAD supports companies that manufacture and distribute their products around the world. QAD supports the requirements of approximately 50 different countries with its internationalization capabilities.

Customer Support and Product Updates

The Company offers customer support services, which include Internet and telephone access to technical support personnel located in its global support centers. Through its support service, the Company provides the resources and tools needed to maximize the use of its Enterprise Applications. Customers active on maintenance or cloud are also entitled to receive product upgrades and enhancements on a when-and-if available basis. Customer support services and product enhancements are provided to its on premise customers through its maintenance offering and to its cloud customers as part of their monthly subscription fee.

As part of the maintenance and subscription offerings, the Company provides access to a knowledge database, online training materials, a virtual training environment, remote diagnostics and the software download center through an online support site. The support centers are focused on resolving customers' issues, maintaining optimal system performance and providing uninterrupted service for complete customer satisfaction. In addition, the Company provides other products, including operational metrics, workbenches and monitoring tools. The global cloud operations group maintains its cloud environment, including customizations, conversions and upgrades to QAD Cloud ERP.

QAD Global Services

QAD's Global Services group supports customers in the deployment and ongoing use of QAD solutions. QAD Global Services engages with its customers across the entire ERP solution life cycle through planning, design, implementation and management. Whether in the cloud or on premise, its Global Services group assists the customers with initial deployments, upgrades to further versions, migration of on premise deployments to the cloud, conversion and transfer of historical data, ongoing system and process optimization, and user training and education.

QAD's Global Services group includes over 420 consultants located throughout the world. The Company's consulting ecosystem spans over 80 countries. Working in tandem with the partners, the Company supports national, multi-national and global projects on behalf of QAD customers. QAD has developed a framework of key performance indicators (KPIs) used by QAD Global Services to measure pre-and post-implementation performance of business processes and to aid in the diagnosis of opportunities for continuous improvement. The QAD KPI framework is made available to customers and is monitored using the QAD analytics suite.

QAD's principal methodology for deployment of solutions is called QAD Easy On Boarding (EOB). EOB makes deployment of QAD solutions on premise or in the cloud. EOB features predefined industry process models built into the products themselves, as well as implementation guides and scripts. QAD Global Services focuses on assisting customers in the various activities, including implementation and migrations, upgrades, conversions, integration, systems management, training and education, application management, business process improvement and pre-defined consulting engagements. The Company offers a range of program management, industry consulting and technical services certified in its products and QAD Global Services methodologies.

The Company competes with SAP, Oracle and Infor.

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