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Water Stocks Performance of 2019

Updated Apr 18, 2019
It is difficult to imagine life without water. One of the key necessitites for life of all forms on earth, water is of utmost importance. Companies which are involved in generating business and revenues from water-related activities operate in the following streams:

- Water reuse & drainage products
- Water quality products
- Clean water pumping products and systems
- Wastewater pumping products and systems
- Engineered valves
- Leak detection products
- Fire hydrants
- Metering products and systems
- Submersible water systems
- Plumbing & flow control products
- Water Filtration products
- Water Flow measurement and control products
- Water transmission, distribution and measurement product
- Water and fueling systems

It is also said that the next world war will be on water, as the crisis of potable water shortage is creating a major problem across the globe. A lot of companies have been operating in this space across the globe, and many of them have their stocks listed on the stock exchanges. Investors can easily invest in such water-related businesses, in anticipation of positive returns.

As of writing, FKnol has the following Water stocks in its database. This article presents the performance of the Water stocks in a tabular form making it easy for individuals to sort the list on the desired parameters of preference. Details are based on the market data for the year 2019 till date. This article presents a list of all Water stocks, which can be sorted and assessed for the past performance of the Water stocks based on market capitalization values, stock price, price changes, percentage price changes and 52-week high-low price ranges. Percentage change is calculated based on the price changes observed from the end of the previous year to the date of Apr 18, 2019. See the List of Top 10 Water Stocks of 2019. Alternatively, one can also explore the List of Top Water ETFs.

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Performance of Water Stocks

Top 10 Water Stocks All Water Stocks All Water ETFs Top Dividend-paying Water Stocks
No.Company (Ticker)
Market Cap
%YTD Gains
Company DescriptionStock Price
52-wk Low52-wk High
Sorted by Market Cap. Click on the arrow buttons to sort the table as per the desired column
1.Danaher (DHR)$90.76 billion22.93%Danaher Corporation (Danaher), incorporated on October 3, 1986, designs, manufactures and markets professional, medical, industrial and commercial products and services. As of December 31, 2016, the Companys research and development, ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$126.77$94.59$134.5
2.Ecolab (ECL)$52.83 billion24.33%Ecolab Inc., incorporated on February 18, 1924, provides water, hygiene and energy technologies and services. The Companys cleaning and sanitizing programs and products, pest elimination services and equipment maintenance and ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$183.2$135.77$186.27
3.Roper (ROP)$36.23 billion31.22%Roper Technologies, Inc., incorporated on December 17, 1981, is a technology company. The Company operates businesses that design and develop software and engineered products and solutions for various end markets, ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$349.72$245.59$353.63
4.Agilent (A)$24.19 billion12.91%Agilent Technologies, Inc., incorporated on May 4, 1999, provides application focused solutions that include instruments, software, services and consumables for the entire laboratory workflow. The Company serves the life sciences, ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$76.17$60.42$82.27
5.American Water Works (AWK)$18.9 billion15.35%American Water Works Company, Inc., incorporated on August 28, 1936, is a holding company for regulated and market-based subsidiaries throughout the United States and Ontario, Canada. The Companys Regulated Businesses ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$104.7$77.73$107.71
6.IDEXX Laboratories (IDXX)$18.8 billion17.46%IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., incorporated on December 19, 1983, develops, manufactures and distributes products and provides services primarily for the companion animal veterinary, livestock and poultry, dairy and water testing markets. ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$218.49$176.11$256.22
7.Xylem (XYL)$14.92 billion24.3%Xylem Inc. engages in the design, manufacture, and servicing of engineered products and solutions for the water and wastewater applications. It operates in three segments: Water Infrastructure, Applie...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$82.93$60.65$83.49
8.IDEX (IEX)$11.71 billion22.38%IDEX Corporation (IDEX), incorporated on September 24, 1987, operates an applied solutions business that sells pumps, flow meters and other fluidics systems, and components and engineered products. The Company operates ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$154.52$117.72$159.1
9.AO Smith (AOS)$9.48 billion32.3%A. O. Smith Corporation manufactures and markets residential and commercial gas and electric water heaters, boilers, tanks, and water treatment products in North America, China, Europe, and India. It ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$56.49$40.34$65.59
10.Aqua America (WTR)$7.82 billion8.66%Aqua America, Inc. (Aqua America), incorporated on November 14, 1968, is a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in providing water or wastewater services concentrated in Pennsylvania, ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$37.15$32.09$38.24
11.Companhia de saneamento Basico Do Estado De Sao Pa (SBS)$7.19 billion29.62%Companhia de Saneamento Básico do Estado de São Paulo-SABESP provides basic and environmental sanitation services, and supplies treated water and sewage services on a wholesale basis to residential,...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$10.46$5.58$12.25
12.Pentair (PNR)$6.56 billion1.16%Pentair plc, incorporated on November 28, 2013, is a diversified industrial manufacturing company. The Companys segments include Water, Electrical and Other. The Water segment consists of the Companys Water Quality ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$38.22$35.3$47.63
13.Flowserve (FLS)$6.48 billion30.06%Flowserve Corporation, incorporated on May 1, 1912, is a manufacturer and aftermarket service provider of flow control systems. The Companys segments include Engineered Product Division (EPD), Industrial Product Division (IPD) ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$49.45$35.88$56.86
14.AECOM (ACM)$5.12 billion23.74%AECOM, incorporated on January 31, 1980, is engaged in designing, building, financing and operating infrastructure assets for governments, businesses and organizations. The Companys segments include design and consulting services (DCS), ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$32.79$24.83$36.66
15.Olin (OLN)$4.01 billion21.03%Olin Corporation, incorporated on August 13, 1892, is a manufacturer and distributor of chemical products, and ammunition. The Company operates through three segments: Chlor Alkali Products and Vinyls, Epoxy and ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$24.34$17.87$34.42
16.Tetra Tech (TTEK)$3.49 billion22.16%Tetra Tech, Inc., incorporated on February 4, 1988, is a provider of consulting, engineering, program management, construction management, and technical services. The Companys segments include Water, Environment and Infrastructure (WEI), ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$63.24$46.3$72.56
17.Rexnord (RXN)$2.94 billion22.09%Rexnord Corporation, incorporated on July 13, 2006, is a multi-platform industrial company. The Company operates through two segments: Process & Motion Control platform, and Water Management platform. The Process & ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$28.02$21.38$32.11
18.Watts Water (WTS)$2.92 billion32.85%Watts Water Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures, and sells products and systems that manage and conserve the flow of fluids and energy into, through and out of buildings in the residential and co...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$85.73$61.17$93.35
19.Valmont Industries (VMI)$2.89 billion18.63%Valmont Industries, Inc., incorporated on August 2, 1974, is a producer of fabricated metal products, and steel, aluminum and composite pole, tower and other structures, and mechanized irrigation systems. The ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$131.62$103.01$157.15
20.American States Water (AWR)$2.54 billion3.01%American States Water Company, through its subsidiaries, provides water and electric services to residential, industrial, and other customers in the United States. It operates through three segments: ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$69.06$53.84$72.5
21.California Water Service Holding (CWT)$2.41 billion5.22%California Water Service Group, incorporated on August 2, 1999, is a holding company. The Company operates through the supply and distribution of water and providing water-related utility services segment. The ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$50.15$37.7$55.05
22.Franklin Electric (FELE)$2.39 billion20.27%Franklin Electric Co., Inc., incorporated on November 12, 1946, designs, manufactures and distributes water and fuel pumping systems, consisting of primarily of submersible motors, pumps, electronic controls and related parts ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$51.57$38.87$55.59
23.Itron (ITRI)$2 billion5.98%Itron, Inc., a technology company, provides end-to-end solutions that measures, manages, and analyzes energy and water use worldwide. The company operates through three segments: Electricity, Gas, and...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$50.12$44.35$69.35
24.Mueller Industries (MLI)$1.81 billion36.9%Mueller Industries, Inc., incorporated on October 03, 1990, is a manufacturer of copper, brass, aluminum and plastic products. The Company operates through three segments: Piping Systems, Industrial Metals and Climate. ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$31.98$21.49$34.24
25.SJW (SJW)$1.75 billion10.39%SJW Group, through its subsidiaries, provides water utility services in the United States. It engages in the production, purchase, storage, purification, distribution, wholesale, and retail sale of wa...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$61.4$51.82$68.42
26.MUELLER WATER PRODUCTS (MWA)$1.74 billion20.77%Mueller Water Products, Inc., incorporated on September 22, 2005, is a manufacturer and marketer of products and services used in the transmission, distribution and measurement of water in North America. ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$10.99$8.47$12.59
27.Badger Meter (BMI)$1.63 billion13.8%Badger Meter, Inc., incorporated on March 9, 1905, is a manufacturer and marketer of products incorporating flow measurement, control and communication solutions, serving water utilities, municipalities, and commercial and industrial ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$56$41$61.57
28.Advanced Drainage (WMS)$1.57 billion13.28%Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., incorporated on October 31, 1966, is engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing of thermoplastic corrugated pipe and related water management products, primarily in North and South ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$27.47$23.04$33.5
29.Evoqua Water Technologies (AQUA)$1.56 billion41.54%Evoqua Water Technologies Corp. provides a range of water and wastewater treatment systems and technologies, and mobile and emergency water supply solutions and services. It operates in three segments: Industri...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$13.63$7.92$22.53
30.Select Energy Services (WTTR)$1.27 billion85.98%Select Energy Services, Inc., an oilfield services company, provides water management and chemical solutions to the unconventional oil and gas industry in the United States and Western Canada. The company operates through three segments: Water Solutions, Oilfield Chemicals, and Wellsite Services. The Water Solutions segment provides water-related services, including the ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$11.94$6.05$17.86
31.Lindsay (LNN)$941.97 million-9.27%Lindsay Corporation, incorporated on January 7, 1974, along with its subsidiaries, provides a range of water management and road infrastructure products and services. The Company operates through two segments: Irrigation ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$87.33$82.41$109.5
32.Gorman-Rupp (GRC)$926.37 million9.44%The Gorman-Rupp Company, incorporated on April 18, 1934, designs, manufactures and sells pumps and pump systems. The Company offers its products for use in dewatering, industrial, petroleum, original equipment, agriculture, ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$35.47$29.68$38.26
33.Middlesex Water (MSEX)$893.13 million1.76%Middlesex Water Company, incorporated in 1897, is a water utility company. The Company owns and operates regulated water utility and wastewater systems in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. The Company ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$54.29$40$60.48
34.Connecticut Water Service (CTWS)$825.3 million2.33%Connecticut Water Service, Inc., incorporated on February 1, 1956, is a non-operating holding company. The Company operates through three segments: Water Operations, Real Estate Transactions, and Services and Rentals. The ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$68.43$62.05$70.44
35.Aegion (AEGN)$616.98 million19.06%Aegion Corporation (Aegion), incorporated on August 17, 2011, is engaged in providing infrastructure protection and maintenance. The Company operates through three segments: Infrastructure Solutions, Corrosion Protection and Energy Services. The ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$19.43$15.12$26.8
36.Primo Water (PRMW)$602.86 million10.35%Primo Water Corporation (Primo), incorporated on October 20, 2004, is a provider of multi-gallon purified bottled water, self-service refill water and water dispensers. The Companys products are sold through various ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$15.46$12.41$20.72
37.Energy Recovery (ERII)$514.02 million41.16%Energy Recovery, Inc. provides energy solutions to industrial fluid flow markets under the ERI, PX, Pressure Exchanger, PX Pressure Exchanger, AT, AquaBold, VorTeq, MTeq, IsoBoost, and IsoGen names wo...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$9.5$6.17$10.25
38.AquaVenture (WAAS)$506.04 million-0.53%AquaVenture Holdings Limited, incorporated on June 17, 2016, is a multinational provider of Water-as-a-Service (WAAS) solutions. The Companys segments are Seven Seas Water and Quench. The Seven Seas Water segment ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$18.79$13.64$23.35
39.The York Water (YORW)$427.34 million2.96%The York Water Company impounds, purifies, and distributes drinking water. It also owns and operates three wastewater collection systems and two wastewater treatment systems; and two reservoirs, inclu...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$33.01$28.95$36.5
40.Forterra (FRTA)$321.67 million33.24%Forterra, Inc. is a manufacturer of pipe and precast products. The Company offers products for a range of water-related infrastructure applications, including water transmission, distribution and drainage.The Company operates approximately ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$5.01$3.25$10.47
41.Northwest Pipe (NWPX)$250.29 million10.39%Northwest Pipe Company, incorporated on March 31, 1966, is a manufacturer of engineered steel pipe water systems in North America. The Company operates through two segments: Water Transmission and Tubular ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$25.71$16.52$26.32
42.PICO (PICO)$222.03 million18.6%PICO Holdings, Inc. (PICO), incorporated on January 15, 1981, is a diversified holding company. The Companys segments include Water Resource and Water Storage Operations; Real Estate Operations, and Corporate.Water Resource ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$10.84$8.85$12.7
43.Newater Technology (NEWA)$82.26 million35.89%Newater Technology, Inc. operates as a wastewater purification treatment company in the People's Republic of China. The company focuses on the development, manufacture, and sale of disk tube reverse osmosis and...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$7.61$5.01$29.69
Top 10 Water Stocks All Water Stocks All Water ETFs Top Dividend-paying Water Stocks
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