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Biofuels Stocks Performance of 2019

Updated Apr 18, 2019
Despite the long-running use of traditional fuels like petrol and diesel, the increasing awareness about their detrimental affects on the environment is leading to more and more alternatives being explored for other environment-friendly fuels sources. Renewable sources of energy, like sunlight and wind, have seen limited adoption though their use continues to increase. Biofuels are another form of fuel sources which derive or generate fuels from biological matter, but without the lengthy geological processes as observed in the case of fossil fuels like petrol or diesel. Such biofuels are produced through alternative biological processing of organic and biological matter through controlled processing.
For instance, methane gas, often called as biogas, is a standard fuel that is generated by processing animal manure and other vegetation material. Other forms of biofuels inclue ethanol that emerges as a by-product of corn and sugarcane farming, and finds increasing use in mixing it with petrol for increasing the overall fuel efficiency and reducing the harmful impacts of petrol to a certain extent. Biodiesel is another popular biofuel which is generated from decaying fungal matter, like algae.
Investors must note that though many companies generate biofuels, then are primarily dealing in other business sectors and activities and biofuels emerge only as a by-product of their primary business operations. It may be difficult to find a pure-play biofuel company, and only a handful exists.

As of writing, FKnol has the following Biofuels stocks in its database. This article presents the performance of the Biofuels stocks in a tabular form making it easy for individuals to sort the list on the desired parameters of preference. Details are based on the market data for the year 2019 till date. This article presents a list of all Biofuels stocks, which can be sorted and assessed for the past performance of the Biofuels stocks based on market capitalization values, stock price, price changes, percentage price changes and 52-week high-low price ranges. Percentage change is calculated based on the price changes observed from the end of the previous year to the date of Apr 18, 2019. See the List of Top 10 Biofuels Stocks of 2019. Alternatively, one can also explore the List of Top Biofuels ETFs.

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Performance of Biofuels Stocks

Top 10 Biofuels Stocks All Biofuels Stocks All Biofuels ETFs Top Dividend-paying Biofuels Stocks
No.Company (Ticker)
Market Cap
%YTD Gains
Company DescriptionStock Price
52-wk Low52-wk High
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1.Valero Energy (VLO)$36.77 billion17.43%Valero Energy Corporation (Valero), incorporated on June 8, 1981, is an independent petroleum refiner and ethanol producer. The Companys segments include refining, ethanol and Valero Energy Partners LP (VLP). The ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$88.04$68.81$126.98
2.LyondellBasell (LYB)$33.99 billion10.38%LyondellBasell Industries N.V., incorporated October 15, 2009, is a global chemical company. The Company manages its operations through five segments: Olefins and Polyolefins-Americas (O&P-Americas); Olefins and Polyolefins-Europe, Asia, International (O&P-EAI); ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$91.79$77.52$119.39
3.Archer-Daniels-Midland (ADM)$23.95 billion4.37%Archer-Daniels-Midland Company, incorporated on May 2, 1923, is a processor of oilseeds, corn, wheat, cocoa and other agricultural commodities. The Company manufactures protein meal, vegetable oil, corn sweeteners, flour, biodiesel, ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$42.76$39.16$52.07
4.Bunge (BG)$7.23 billion-4.32%Bunge Limited operates as an agribusiness and food company worldwide. It operates in five segments: Agribusiness, Edible Oil Products, Milling Products, Sugar and Bioenergy, and Fertilizer. The Agribu...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$51.13$48.89$74.69
5.Darling Ingredients (DAR)$3.58 billion12.94%Darling Ingredients Inc. (Darling), incorporated on December 13, 1962, is a developer and producer of sustainable natural ingredients from edible and inedible bio-nutrients, creating a range of ingredients and customized ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$21.73$16.36$22.62
6.Cosan (CZZ)$2.84 billion40.23%Cosan Limited (Cosan), incorporated on April 30, 2007, is a holding company. The Companys segments include Raizen Energia, Raizen Combustiveis, COMGAS, Cosan Logistica, Lubricants and Other business. The Companys other ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$12.34$6.21$13.18
7.The Andersons (ANDE)$1.09 billion9.9%The Andersons, Inc., an agriculture company, operates in the grain, ethanol, plant nutrient, and rail sectors in the United States and internationally. The company's Grain segment operates grain eleva...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$32.85$27.62$41.7
8.Renewable Energy (REGI)$861.41 million-10.27%Renewable Energy Group, Inc. produces biomass-based diesel and biofuel and develops renewable chemicals. The company utilizes an integrated procurement, distribution, and logistics network to convert ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$23.06$12.5$32.52
9.Adecoagro (AGRO)$800.74 million-1.29%Adecoagro S.A., incorporated on June 17, 2010, is a holding company primarily engaged through its operating subsidiaries in agricultural and agro-industrial activities. The Company is involved in a range of ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$6.87$6.35$9.06
10.Green Plains (GPRE)$699.63 million28.83%Green Plains Inc. produces, markets, and distributes ethanol in the United States and internationally. The company operates in four segments: Ethanol Production; Agribusiness and Energy Services; Food...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$16.89$12$21.9
11.FutureFuel (FF)$631.21 million-9.02%FutureFuel Corp., incorporated on August 12, 2005, is the holding company of FutureFuel Chemical Company. FutureFuel Chemical Company manufactures diversified chemical products, bio-based products consisting of biofuels, and bio-based specialty ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$14.43$11.34$19.31
12.REX American Resources (REX)$527.74 million23.49%Rex American Resources Corporation, incorporated on February 13, 1984, is a holding company. As of January 31, 2017, the Company had invested in three ethanol production entities. The Company operates ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$84.11$61.71$85
13.Green Plains Partners LP (GPP)$360.49 million14.81%Green Plains Partners LP provides fuel storage and transportation services. It acquires, owns, develops, and operates ethanol and fuel storage tanks, terminals, transportation assets, and other related assets a...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$15.58$13.3$17.9
14.Pacific Ethanol (PEIX)$50.36 million19.77%Pacific Ethanol, Inc. produces and markets low-carbon renewable fuels in the United States. The company operates in two segments, Production and Marketing. It produces and markets ethanol; specialty a...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$1.03$0.76$3.78
15.Gevo (GEVO)$24.9 million11.73%Gevo, Inc., a renewable chemicals and biofuels company, focuses on the development and commercialization of alternatives to petroleum-based products based on isobutanol produced from renewable feedsto...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$2.19$1.79$24.74
16.Aemetis (AMTX)$16.59 million33.44%Aemetis, Inc., incorporated on October 24, 2006, is an international renewable fuels and biochemicals company. The Company is focused on the production of fuels and chemicals through the acquisition, development ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$0.81$0.42$2.4
Top 10 Biofuels Stocks All Biofuels Stocks All Biofuels ETFs Top Dividend-paying Biofuels Stocks
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