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5G Stocks Performance of 2019

Updated Apr 18, 2019
Welcome to 5th generation high-speed telecom technology called 5G, which promises tremendously high speed of accessing gigabytes of data in few seconds, absolutely high quality of video and voice calls, plus doing things on the network which have only been conceptualized of so far. A good number of companies are working on 5G technology are expected to benefit from the launch of the path-breaking service. There are telecom players who are poised to benefit from 5G launch as they will be offering voice and data services and benefiting from the increased revenues, there are telecom equipment makers who will benefit by providing the new 5G infrastructure supporting accessories, equipment and machinery, and those offering services on maintaining, operating and running the 5G network.
A lot of these companies are listed on the leading stock exchanges which will allow investors a chance to benefit from the expected gains in the 5G technology. This article covers all the major 5G stocks whose performance can be explored by the prospective investors for benefits from 5G.
How did the various companies operating in the 5G business perform during the year 2019 till date? This article presents a list of all 5G stocks in a tabular format, using which one can sort and assess the performance of 5G stocks based on market capitalization values, stock price, price changes, percentage price changes and 52-week high-low price ranges. See the List of Top 10 5G Stocks of 2019. Alternatively, one can also explore the List of Top 5G ETFs.

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Performance of 5G Stocks

Top 10 5G Stocks All 5G Stocks All 5G ETFs Top Dividend-paying 5G Stocks
No.Company (Ticker)
Market Cap
%YTD Gains
Company DescriptionStock Price
52-wk Low52-wk High
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1.Intel (INTC)$263.13 billion24.63%Intel Corporation, incorporated on March 1, 1989, is engaged in designing and manufacturing products and technologies, such as the cloud. The Companys segments are Client Computing Group (CCG), Data Center ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$58.49$42.36$59.59
2.Cisco (CSCO)$248.28 billion30.16%Cisco Systems, Inc. (Cisco), incorporated on December 10, 1984, designs and sells a range of products, provides services and delivers integrated solutions to develop and connect networks around the world. ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$56.4$40.25$57.53
3.Verizon Communications (VZ)$239.71 billion3.24%Verizon Communications Inc., incorporated on October 7, 1983, is a holding company. The Company, through its subsidiaries, provides communications, information and entertainment products and services to consumers, businesses and governmental ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$58.04$46.09$61.58
4.AT&T (T)$233.33 billion12.23%AT&T Inc., incorporated October 5, 1983, is a holding company. The Company and its subsidiaries provide communications and digital entertainment services in the United States and the world. The Company ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$32.03$26.8$35.33
5.Qualcomm (QCOM)$96.69 billion40.38%QUALCOMM Incorporated, incorporated on August 15, 1991, is engaged in the development and commercialization of a digital communication technology called code division multiple access (CDMA). The Company is engaged in ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$79.89$48.56$82.52
6.Analog Devices (ADI)$42.28 billion33.74%Analog Devices, Inc. (Analog Devices), incorporated on January 18, 1965, designs, manufactures and markets a portfolio of solutions that leverage high-performance analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing(DSP) technology, including integrated ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$114.79$76.62$115.93
7.Xilinx (XLNX)$34.16 billion58.45%Xilinx, Inc. (Xilinx), incorporated on February 5, 1990, is engaged in designing and developing programmable devices and associated technologies. The Companys programmable devices and associated technologies include integrated circuits (ICs) ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$134.95$62.54$137.23
8.Ericsson (ERIC)$33.3 billion13.98%Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (Ericsson) provides infrastructure, services and software to the telecommunication industry and other sectors. The Companys segments include Networks, IT & Cloud and Media. The Company operates in ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$10.11$7.16$10.46
9.Keysight (KEYS)$16.89 billion44.72%Keysight Technologies, Inc. (Keysight), incorporated on December 6, 2013, is a measurement company engaged in providing electronic design and test solutions to communications and electronics industries. The Company provides electronic ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$89.84$50.59$92.99
10.Skyworks (SWKS)$15.57 billion34.29%Skyworks Solutions Inc., incorporated on June 10, 2002, designs, develops, manufactures and markets semiconductor products, including intellectual property. The Companys analog semiconductors connect people, places, and things, spanning various unimagined ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$90$60.12$104.2
11.Qorvo (QRVO)$9.42 billion26.26%Qorvo, Inc., incorporated on December 13, 2013, is a provider of technologies and radio frequency (RF) solutions for mobile, infrastructure and defense and aerospace applications. The Company designs, develops, manufactures ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$76.68$54.74$86.5
12.Ciena (CIEN)$5.95 billion12.59%Ciena Corporation, incorporated on November 2, 1992, is a network strategy and technology company, which provides solutions that enable a range of network operators to adopt communication architectures and to ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$38.18$22.99$45.7
13.Inphi (IPHI)$2.08 billion45.26%Inphi Corporation, incorporated on November 13, 2000, is a provider of analog and mixed signal semiconductor solutions for the communications and datacenter markets. The Companys solutions provide an interface between ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$46.7$27.12$48.21
14.MACOM Technology (MTSI)$1.07 billion13.09%MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc., incorporated on March 25, 2009, is a provider of high-performance analog semiconductor solutions that enable Internet applications, the cloud-connected applications economy, and the networked battlefield ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$16.41$13.07$25.92
15.ADTRAN (ADTN)$792.62 million54.47%ADTRAN, Inc. (ADTRAN), incorporated on November 18, 1985, is a provider of networking and communications equipment. The Companys solutions enable voice, data, video and Internet communications across a range of ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$16.59$10.21$19.3
16.CEVA (CEVA)$511.97 million5.48%CEVA, Inc. (CEVA), incorporated on December 3, 2003, is a licensor of signal processing intellectual property (IP). The Company partners with semiconductor companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$23.3$20.4$35.3
17.EXFO (EXFO)$235.34 million48.24%EXFO Inc. (EXFO), incorporated on September 18, 1985, provides communications service providers (CSPs) and data center, cloud and Web-scale operators with field test, service assurance and analytics solutions to ensure ...See Company Profile ...Dividend History.$4.21$2.66$4.45
Top 10 5G Stocks All 5G Stocks All 5G ETFs Top Dividend-paying 5G Stocks
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