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J and J Snack Foods (JJSF) Company Profile

Updated Jun 3, 2019
J and J Snack Foods has the following business profile:
Company's Full Name:J and J Snack Foods Corp.
Short Name:J and J Snack Foods
Trading Ticker Symbol:JJSF
Primary Exchange:NASDAQ
Headquarter City/Country:Pennsauken, NJ
Primary Industry Sector:Consumer Non-Durables
Seconday Sub-sector:Specialty Foods
Main Business Areas: Consumer Non-Durables, Specialty Foods, Consumer Defensive, Packaged Foods, Fast Food
Dividend Payments:Dividend History

Market and Trading Information for J and J Snack Foods

The following details were available for trading and market data about the stock of J and J Snack Foods as of writing:
Current Share Price:$159.85
Previous Year's Closing Price:$144.59
Percentage Price Change (YTD):10.55%
Market Cap:$3.01 billion
52-week Price Range:$138.4 - $167.5
Dividend Per Share:$1.9
EPS (TTM):4.63
Price-Earnings (Trailing):34.52
Price-Earnings (Forward):30.33

Company Profile and Business Description for J and J Snack Foods

J & J Snack Foods Corp., incorporated in 1971, is a manufacturer, marketer and distributor of a range of snack foods and beverages for the food service and retail supermarket industries. The Company serves both national and international markets. It operates in three business segments: Food Service, Retail Supermarkets and Frozen Beverages. The Company's portfolio of products includes soft pretzels, frozen beverages, frozen juice treats and desserts, stuffed sandwiches, burritos, churros, fruit pies, funnel cakes, cookies and bakery goods, and other snack foods and drinks. Its principal snack food products are soft pretzels marketed primarily under the brand names SUPERPRETZEL and BAVARIAN BAKERY; frozen juice treats and desserts marketed primarily under the LUIGI'S, WHOLE FRUIT, ICEE, PHILLY SWIRL and MINUTE MAID brand names; churros marketed primarily under the TIO PEPE'S, CALIFORNIA CHURROS and OREO brand names, and bakery products sold primarily under the READI-BAKE, COUNTRY HOME, MARY B'S and DADDY RAY'S brand names, as well as for private label and contract packing.

The Company's soft pretzels are sold under various brand names, such as PRETZEL FILLERS, PRETZELFILS, GOURMET TWISTS, MR. TWISTER, SOFT PRETZEL BITES, SOFTSTIX, SOFT PRETZEL BUNS, TEXAS TWIST, SUPERPRETZEL BAVARIAN, NEW YORK PRETZEL, KIM & SCOTT'S GOURMET PRETZELS and SERIOUSLY TWISTED!, and, to a lesser extent, under private labels. The Company also makes soft pretzels, which are extruded or shaped by hand. Its school food service MINUTE MAID and WHOLE FRUIT frozen juice bars and cups contain 3 to 4 ounces of 100% apple or pineapple juice with no added sugar and 100% of the daily the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) value of vitamin C. Its juice bars are produced in various flavors and are packaged in a sealed push-up paper container referred to as the Milliken M-pak. The balance of the Company's frozen juice treats and desserts products are manufactured from water, sweeteners and fruit juice concentrates in various flavors and packaging, including cups, tubes, sticks, M-paks and pints. Several of its products contain ice cream and WHOLE FRUIT contains pieces of fruit.

The Company's Churros are Hispanic pastries in stick form, which it produces in various sizes. Its churros are deep fried, frozen and packaged, and at the food service point-of-sale, they are reheated and topped with a cinnamon sugar mixture. The Company also sells fruit and creme-filled churros. The Company supplies churro-merchandising equipment similar to that used for its soft pretzels. Its dough enrobed handheld products are marketed under the PATIO, SUPREME STUFFERS and SWEET STUFFERS brand names and under private labels. Its bakery products include primarily biscuits, fig and fruit bars, cookies, breads, rolls, crumb, muffins and donuts. Its Other snack food products include funnel cake sold under THE FUNNEL CAKE FACTORY brand.

Food Service

The primary products sold by the food service segment are soft pretzels, frozen juice treats and desserts, churros, dough enrobed handheld products and baked goods. Its customers in the food service segment include snack bars and food stands in chain, department and discount stores; malls and shopping centers; casual dining restaurants; fast food outlets; stadiums and sports arenas; leisure and theme parks; convenience stores; movie theatres; warehouse club stores, and schools, colleges and other institutions. Within the food service industry, its products are purchased by the consumer primarily for consumption at the point-of-sale.

Retail Supermarkets

The primary products sold to the retail supermarket channel are soft pretzel products, including SUPERPRETZEL, frozen juice treats and desserts, including LUIGI'S Real Italian Ice, MINUTE MAID Juice Bars and Soft Frozen Lemonade, WHOLE FRUIT frozen fruit bars and sorbet, PHILLY SWIRL cups and sticks, ICEE Squeeze-Up Tubes and dough enrobed handheld products, including PATIO burritos. Within the retail supermarket channel, its frozen and prepackaged products are purchased by the consumer for consumption at home.

Frozen Beverages

The Company sells frozen beverages in the Frozen Beverages segment. The Company sells frozen beverages to the food service industry primarily under the names ICEE, SLUSH PUPPIE and PARROT ICE in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Its principal frozen beverage products are the ICEE brand frozen carbonated beverage and the SLUSH PUPPIE brand frozen non-carbonated beverages. The Company also provides repair and maintenance service to customers for customers' owned equipment and sells equipment in its Frozen Beverages segment. The Company provides managed service and/or products to Company-owned and customer-owned dispensers.

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